Post-Production : Premiere Pro Question (Sound) by Jennifer Claire

Premiere Pro Question (Sound)

Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me out as I'm going crazy trying to figure it out! I had a scene filmed with a fellow actress but there is a point in it during which I pronounce the letter "T" too hard at the end of the word "it" so I want to soften it. Is that possible? I understood from Google that it's something to do with the DeEsser but when I try to apply nothing seems to happen. I only want to isolate and change this one sound not everything else. Please could someone simplify it for me? Thank you so much! Jen :-)

Nicholas Jordan working on it; I am technical type but am shy of saying compressor/limiter/gate in front of audio-engineers whom may say clipping or other audio-effects, so first thing is to select exactly the «t» on the audio track and then will need to apply some tool, though I have not found the terminology to be correct: Dynamic Processing is what adobe calls it.

Samantha Mauney Aiken

I think what you're referring to is aspiration, and it's best tackled in an audio editing program like Audacity. Or you can key frame the audio in Premiere and just decrease the sound.

Jonas Cox

Trim it back a frame, and add a 2-frame dissolve ending at the cut.

Jennifer Claire

Thanks everyone for responding. In the end I used Adobe Audition and although I can notice what seemd like a marked difference it's better than it was before!

Omar Brown

Jennifer, I would recommend that you check out a DAW that is called Reaper at It has the dialog editing tools that may come in handy.

Jennifer Claire

Thanks Omar, I appreciate it. Always good to know insider tips - an editor I am not! :-)

Sean Ruecroft

For this I would use another program called iZotope RX. It's a very powerful tool for noise removal and audio cleanup. Maybe not the quick fix you're looking for, but well worth learning in the long run.

Omar Brown

iZotope RX is a great software and I own it but it is expensive for those who are not audio engineers and audio media producers. Reaper does have a plugin called ReaFir (FFT EQ + Dynamic Processing) that can perform some basic corrections like the iZotope RX but for free or a small price. I use it for small corporate video post work.

Bret Hampton

Since Jennifer already has Audition it has similar effects to RX (some guys have worked on creating both programs) De-esser is more suited for actual 's' sibilant sounds, not hard ones (also called plosives) like t, d, c, etc. I think Audtion has a number of effects that will work. They have some funny names like telephone voice, etc. But the suggestions for lower volume, crossfade, etc are also good.

Jennifer Claire

Thanks everyone, I hopefully resolved it. It's not perfect but better than before!

Bret Hampton

Jennifer If you like I could look at it and see if it can be improved. I have Audition and Premiere. If that works I can send you the filter to use next time so you can do it yourself. best to send and if big use

Nicholas Jordan

Jennifer did you use special audio tools in the product or simple reduce short interval?

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