Post-Production : Primarily Editing on Premiere Pro by Matthew Waggoner

Matthew Waggoner

Primarily Editing on Premiere Pro

Hey all! My company uses Premiere Pro to edit nearly all of our projects. Recently we've had the good fortune of obtaining a few new clients who work with Final Cut X. The process of going back and forth between these two programs had been an arduous process to say the least. Does anyone here have experience working with both on the same project? The xml process we've been developing is still unreliable at best due to continuous updates being implemented by both developers. Any tips, trick, resources, or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Jakub Micuch

Hi Matt, the xml is not a perfect way for editing in cross platform. Actualy, serious editing cant be done across these platforms. The best way could be for you purchase fcpx if it will be longterm client. Most easiest way. And yes, that updates are killing these softwares... :-/

Matthew Waggoner

Hey Jakub, thanks for the response! Yeah, I agree it's definitely not the best process. We went ahead and bought fcpx, but it's still a problem to get such projects through our color and mix workflows. We always eventually get it all worked out it just takes twice as long.

Jakub Micuch

Yes, its not good work, you need to find optimal system for this jobs. The best way is, if you, or your team are working on projects from start to end. Or maybe give a try to Davinci Resolve, they have support for xml from fcpx but again i think there will be no compatibility with effects, titles, transitions etc.. but its great soft for coloring and now 14 version also for editing and audio editing (but its still just beta, so there are some bugs) Personaly I left Premiere half a year ago, and editing just in davinci. But its harder as in premiere due to effects, plugins etc.

Nick Sebastien Theriot

Switch to Resolve- got audio, color and edit all in one and free- or buy the full version and get remote viewing and note making abilities for less than $400

Scott Singer

I have been fighting for 2 years with Adobe because of all the changes which kill the current workflow. Lost fonts after updates which have to be bought and brought back into Adobe. I started with them in 1982 or 3 and still fighting. I also have Vegas 14, Davinci etc.

Carlos Ziadeh

hey check this out for cross-platform :

Ian James Duncan

This is just the process unfortunately. What types of projects are you talking about?

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