Your Stage : Salutations! - Audio is vital to bring your visual to life! :-) by Benedict Harris-Hayes

Benedict Harris-Hayes

Salutations! - Audio is vital to bring your visual to life! :-)

Greetings, one and all!

My name is Ben and I am a multi-instrumentalist audio producer from the UK.

I've been working within the industry for 20+ years now, starting as a wide-eyed young musician who toured relentlessly in his younger years, signed to various record labels and earning my stripes on the touring circuits across the world...through to developing into writing songs/music for other artists in later years.

I have always done all my own production and have developed my own abilities in this realm along the way, through trial and error...along with the advice of more experienced mentors at those times!


My last 4 to 5 years has seen me branch out widely into sound design, audio restoration and final-stage mixing/mastering for visual projects, as well as continuing to write musical scores/incidental music for visual...alongside continuing to write albums/songs under various projects.

I am a firm believer that sound and audio is easily 50% of the final film.

I cannot stress the amount to times I have watched a nice looking short film that has been ruined by poor sound design or badly recorded foley/location of audio, with ill-fitting scores.

This does not just extend to the independent realm either!

Oh no!

I have seen a few Netflix/Amazon releases where the audio is quite shocking, with the score being WAAAAAAYYY too loud and smothering the dialogue...through to badly-created sound design.

It's always shocked me that small and large budget projects sometimes see sound and audio as an afterthought, with a lot of directors seemingly feeling that if it looks pretty, then all will be well...and for me, it makes me weep!

If any creative team requires ANY post-production audio done for their project, then please contact me to discuss your requirements.

I am keen to work alongside teams to ensure the final product is as good as it can.

I've linked my recent sound design showreel here, just to showcase a SMALL bit of what I can create in the realm of sound.

Stay safe, stay creative and keep on keeping on!



Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

Check your email, @Benedict

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