Post-Production : Sound by Shane Kelly Davis

Shane Kelly Davis


I am wrapping up production on a recent full length feature. I have had sound problems throughout filming. Some of it I can fix in post but I am wondering if there is specific software that can help reduce background noise. I am planning on picking up Adobe Pro next month and maybe that would fix it. I don't know. Any help or direction would be appreciated.

Curt Edwards

Hi Shane, there are a Variety of plugins for various Software , premier pro has a default adaptive denoiser which is fairly simple and offers a few tweaking options. For more advanced reductions and better analytics you may need to look further and will cost.

Sean Mannion

Depending on the severity of the issues, it's very very worth it to find a pro and pay them to do it. I taught myself sound to finish my no-budget feature and that was a rough experience. If you need to do it yourself, then you need a proper audio editing platform like Adobe Audition (since you're already looking at Premiere), or Logic, or ProTools. I've had great results cleaning up with iZotope's RX software.

John Kevin Bell Aka Jkb

Adobe Premier has 4 good ones I have had to work miracles with. De-hummer, Adaptive noise reduction, parametric equalizer and multi-band compressor. I would find some bad audio and try them all there are tons of tweaks you can do with them.

Barry Ryerson

I've just spotted this. Doubtless I'm too late now, but I help repair audio including de-noising. If I can help out please do get in touch.

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