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Karen "Kay" Ross

Sound Mixing a Podcast

Creating high-quality audio content is no easy feat! Even with a BFA in Film & Video Production, Adobe Premiere Pro (although when recording in person, I still use Audacity - still learning Audition), good quality podcast mics, and relatively good knowledge of how to sound mix, it still takes time and dedication to produce a podcast. Hell, I used to teach this stuff, but doing it? That's a whole other skill set. What project have you been tackling that's got you wrapped up and knee-deep?

Check out my newest episode featuring another fantastic woman in film!

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Someone once pointed out my obsession over details (and proceeded to dare me to eat a 1 lb. bag of Skittles - go ahead, ask me why that's funny), and as I've gotten older, I've come to a few choice conclusions:

1) Who the fuck cares - do you, boo! *Today's cursing is brought to you by the delightfully brazen Lorien McKenna who hosted a fantastic webinar on Screenwriting on Stage32 (the link should be available tomorrow for replay).

2) Some areas of our lives benefit from, nay require, extreme attention to detail - point in case? Audio Mixing. And I'm STILL learning how to make it better! Embrace it when it serves you, relinquish it when it tortures you.

3) If someone is trying to tell you that who you are is "too much", I hope you have a voice (or multiple voices) of compassion that can remind you of who you are and why that's okay. If you need to sit there and push and push until your baby hatches, then I repeat: DO YOU BOO!

Disclaimer: If you're still "in progress" and aren't sure if your obsessive tendencies are finding a healthy outlet or are being exacerbated by these projects, then I highly suggest seeking the counsel of a psychotherapist. Not because there is anything wrong with you, but rather to help you unpack and strengthen that "voice of compassion" you will assuredly need in a creative but productive endeavor.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Working on my next episode and all I can think is - this coffee talk is hard to edit! Conversational does better for live-stream and interview-style does better for pre-recorded. Thoughts?

Jodi Rath

I'm currently working with a team of screenwriters on a psych thriller based partially on true events from my life and got two beat boards made by hand (first--next will be putting them in the software so the other writers can mess with it as well). After I get them in the software and they tweak it a bit, we'll begin digging into other parts of the project for the studio.

I love Adobe Creative apps--there is a lot to each of the apps in the suite but they have a tutorial for every little thing--which is great, but time-consuming. LOL! Great podcast!

Sam Chambliss

Something I heard recently is that audio is just like vfx. You spend your time making a lot of fine adjustments to make everything fit well with each other, so why not do the same for audio? Treat it just the same. Really helped up my audio (that and learning various tricks and guidelines)! Image is of our recent short film's mix.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Thanks so much, Jodi Rath and @Sam !

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