Post-Production : Using social media sounds in a comedy satire about social media by Vital Butinar

Vital Butinar

Using social media sounds in a comedy satire about social media

Hi guys.

I'm planning of doing a short comedy film, where the main theme is a commentary of social media itself.

But I'm thinking in advance no how to use the sounds that correspond to social media, like the Twitter and messenger sounds.

Would I be able to use these sounds since the social media would show up as itself in the short.

In one way it's like a Camaro or Fiat shows up in the film, it's a car and not the main focus of the film but shows up in it, so is the sound any different in this case.

Realistically speaking what other alternatives do a have.

Anyway your opinion is welcome on this subject.

Regards to all

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

Catalogue all the sounds from social media. Then have your sound designer make a variation of it (change the tone, etc). Then do whatever you want. Or use the sound, but you cannot have a character say, "This is the stupidest sound ever." You could, but there could be fallout from it.

Vital Butinar

Thank you Lindbergh E Hollingsworth. There's actually no sound designer, no budget, there's just me I'm the writer, director, editor and even acting in it.

The main focus is not on the social media but the theme of the film is a comedy satire of people constantly using their phones.

So if I change the sounds a little, then that would be OKish?

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

You can tweak the audio. You should be okay. Look forward to seeing it when it's done. So keep me in the loop!

Vital Butinar

Thank you Lindbergh E Hollingsworth. Well we plan to shoot it on Sunday. It's only about 17 shots and it might be less. Since it's only my girlfriend and I we can move pretty quickly. Then it only comes down to editing which will take a little longer, so hopefully in a couple of weeks time. :)

But we almost cried from laughter when we were talking about the idea, so she said I should write a short.

Emily J

Hi Vital Butinar, there are sites online for special effects noises and music scores for low or no cost - I bet there's options for these kinds of sounds on those sites, you just might have to spend a little money on them. It also depends on what you plan to do with it. If it's just going up on YouTube and not earning money, then you might be okay (but don't quote me don't that)

Vital Butinar

Hey Emily J. Thank you. Yeah I've found some sites, but non of the sounds are similar enough to the original to work well unfortunately. Yeah the film is actually just supposed to be a comedy, parody of real life situations, where we (people) are glued to our phones and how we react to these sounds, so the film isn't intended to be anything more than a Youtube short comedy.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai, Esq

Vital Butinar I am confused by you saying the social media "would show up as itself" - do you mean using the logos of Twitter, et al? Because that's a copyright/trademark violation and could cause problems though in a short you are almost certainly under their radar. Unless it became famous. For the sounds, it's likely that the sounds used are available off royalty free sites (as has already been pointed out) or in public domain and even if not... they are not likely to be a practical issue. Again... because you are under the radar, not because you have the legal right to use them.

Vital Butinar

Thanks Shadow Dragu-Mihai, Esq. Of course I completely get that they are trademarks or copyrighter and while the social media will be seen. There will be no logos, just maybe a similarity to the them or briefly seeing a scrolling feed.

I'll probably use sounds that sound close enough to have the same feel to them.

But here's what got me thinking. A chevy is a trademaek also and you see them in films all the time, so are things like new papers and other products in films that are seen, down to the cloths of that people ware. What's up with those?

Vital Butinar

I found this really interesting video which explains a little.

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