Post-Production : Vegas Pro Vs Premiere Pro by Gourav Chakraborty

Vegas Pro Vs Premiere Pro

Hey guys! Is there a HUGE difference between Vegas Pro & Premiere Pro(except QuickTime)? I use both, but I'm more used to Vegas..Do I need to focus more on Premiere Pro to make a cut in the professional market? TIA!

C.R. Brown

"Professional market" as in big Hollywood studio? Or are you thinking indie filmmakers, smaller studios, etc? Avid is actually still considered the standard in Hollywood, especially by the larger old school studios. And even there, Premiere Pro is making headway. Deadpool, Avatar, Gone Girl, lots more were all cut on Premiere Pro.

i don't know of any big movies that were done on Vegas.

Besides Avid, you'll find a hell of a lot more people use Premiere Pro (or Final Cut) than Vegas in general. But the difference isn't so much in the tools as you've already found out. You make a cut pretty much the same way in Avid as you do in PPro and Final Cut Pro. The basic tools are largely the same among all big NLEs. The difference is in collaboration tools, "shared storage" - Avid is still considered to be better at that than Premiere...for now. The latest PPro update makes collaborative workflow easier, although it's still not what Avid is doing. The same goes for multi-seat licenses, although there are ways around that too. THOSE are some main reasons many studios still use Avid. It's got nothing realy to do with the tools baked in.
And Vegas has their own weaknesses in that regard.

In short, if you plan on ONLY working on large editing teams for a large studio, learn Avid, simply because of the collaborative workflow. Otherwise, Premiere Pro is probably your best bet. I would forget about Vegas (unless its new owner, Magix, makes a huge push into the pro market for some reason).
So your answer is: Avid. Download a trial of Avid Media Composer and give it a whirl. Note that in addition to the software, there are a lot of hardware options you may need to learn about (again, IF you're working in a larger collaborative studio).

Gourav Chakraborty

That was very concise and helpful. Thanks a lot!!

Gourav Chakraborty

I'll definitely give it a shot!!

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

I've had plenty of Avid friends make the jump to Premiere and they haven't looked back. If you can, go with Premiere as the pendulum is clearly swinging that way. Magix bought Vegas (as well as Soundforge) and it too is also subscription based (article:

Gourav Chakraborty


Lindsay Miernicke

AVID for industry norm. I love cutting my projects with Adobe Premiere though.

Gourav Chakraborty

Thanks for your comment! Since this post, I've let go of Vegas, familiarized myself with Premiere and am trying to get into Film School. :)

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