Post-Production : What are Your Cheapest Noise-Makers? by Karen "Kay" Ross

Karen "Kay" Ross

What are Your Cheapest Noise-Makers?

OMG, y'all! I may or may not have had WAY too much fun with an empty paper towel roll LOL! I'm going to do a sound test with my voice over booth later today - and yes, I could have posted this in the Acting Lounge BUT... the tool would be used in the recording booth by sound recordists, so I'm wondering - whether by foley or voice manipulation, what cheap finds have you used when recording sound?

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Leya Marincic

Well when my partner and I were learning about how to produce stuff we used our first project, a dance video, to learn about all the stuff that goes into production.

One of the things was creating the sound and we also had to create the foley.

Granted there was not much of it but there was just enough to play around and learn the basics.

So we had one scene where I walked up to him on a street at nigh and threw some flowers onto him.

So of course we went and shot the ambient sound, the clock in the old town where we shot. But the funniest was the shoe sounds, which were actually his shoes walking on a tile floor that sounded right and the other one was the flowers hitting him. The best sound was made by a newspaper hitting a pillow.

We've been doing foley sounds like that ever since for projects and it really is fun.

The fun thing is that it never works out exactly the way you think it will because the sounds that real things make just don't sound the same when shot. Really weird.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Ooo, newspaper hitting a pillow? That's cool! Was it a drop or a hit? I imagine that would change the sound a bit. Love how you really went the extra mile for your sound mix! Is that film finished as well?

Leya Marincic

Karen "Kay" Ross it was a hit because in the footage I was hitting him with a bunch of flowers over the chest, as if I was angry at him. The newspaper hitting against the pillow made the right sound.

Yes it was finished but it was not a film. It was in fact our first project that we used to learn about filmmaking and since we're both dancers we made a dance video. We actually shot everything ourselves except for one scene where we needed someone to help with the rack focus.

We wanted to try shooting in different locations and see how to use available light and composition to tell a story. But we didn't yet know how to shoot a film so we decided to create a dance choreography just to learn the filmmaking side and one part of that was how to create foley.

It's not the best choreography and also not the best filmmaking but it served it's purpose, since we learned a lot and even got to do a bunch more dance videos because of it.

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