Post-Production : Working with an editor. by Bryce Gardner

Bryce Gardner

Working with an editor.

I'm directing a web series later this year. We have yet to find an editor. When we do, do they work alone, or have the director by their side telling them what to do?

Eric Lau

Most of the time the editors work alone. Especially after the first meeting and when the editor is editing the first cut, most editors that I know prefer to work alone at this stage. Directors usually only come in after the first few cuts when they need to do the fine adjustments and to sign off the edit :) Oh and if you need an editor, please let me know. I am a freelance editor and colorist. My email is or you can message me here at stage 32.

Bryce Gardner

Thank you, Eric. :)

Brian Graf

Well Good for you Bryce for acting fast on this possible opportunity ha ha.. I was going to do the very same thing lol. But first mover advantage is yours. Good luck Eric and Bryce.

Bryce Gardner

Haven't made any moves yet Brian. heh Seeking information so far. :)

Jonathan Lacocque

It can actually go either way. Generally speaking, if you're working with a freelance individual rather than a company, the majority of jobs likely happen without the director or producer "in session." Also, budget can have an impact on this - typically I'd say fees are higher when directors or producers sit-in with an editor. Regardless, there are a lot of great ways for directors to get input in via the web. You can use a program like or Wipster for feedback, or use Skype or to share your screen for an edit (if your internet is fast enough), etc. So either way should work great for you. Best of luck!

Bryce Gardner

Thanks Jonathan. :-)

Michael John Berridge

Bryce, in my experience, the director keeps a close handle on the editing, and so it should be. This is why directors always have their favourites who they always choose to work with. The more "in tune" the editor becomes with your ideas and intensions, the more time you can spend out of the editing room to attend to other matters. You must choose someone who has some enthusiasm for your subject matter, and the person must have some initiative. The director loves to have some creative input from his editor. There is none worse than one who is "pushing the buttons to rule" waiting for instructions for every move. With such an individual, you will find they do very little if you are not around to "tell them what to do". Go well, Mike B

Bryce Gardner

Thank you for sharing that, Mike. One thing we have found out is it helps if and editor who is editing comedy understands comic timing themselves. :-)

Michael John Berridge


Bryce Gardner

Great tips, Robin. Thank you for taking the time to write that. :-)

Ramon Richardson

I like creative control, so when I do a shoot I usually set up the shots for editing, general instructions is Ok, but someone standing behind me while I edit is a no no. Subscribe to admiralspavilion on youtube!

Bryce Gardner

Makes sense you would like to work alone to let your creative juices flow.

J. R. S. Storch

Yeah, editors usually sit alone (like mostly everyone has said). As an editor who has dealt with dozen of directors, most of the time they wish to sit in but I immediately say no. Editing is a long, tedious process that consumes large amounts of time. Someone breathing down my neck would drive me crazy, hah.

Bryce Gardner

Thanks JRS.

Chaz Shukat

It's entirely up to the director. He can be there as much or as little as he chooses, but it should be discussed with the editor as part of the pre-hiring process. If you have to tell your editor what to do, you don't have a good editor. He's there to collaborate with you to get the best possible results from the footage.

Tony Glaser

I can't have anyone breathing down my neck like J.R.S said. If the director wants to pop his head in for a bit, ok. But sitting there the whole time would drive me up a wall. "Did you use that take?" "No." "Did you use that other one?" "Yes. Go away now."

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