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Who are your editing heroes?

I would like to edit narrative films. I know this is a long and winding road to get there. But I'm looking for some inspiration along the way. What editors (currently working or past) do you find inspiration from and why?

Joshua L Glassburn

Great list! They have edited some amazing films. I look forward to studying them more.

Tony S.

Forgot to add Reza S. Badiyi who directed TV and created title sequences for a number of shows, including HAWAII FIVE-O. That open zapped me. It's was the main influence behind me becoming an editor.

Joshua L Glassburn

I love well-done title sequences. It combines both my disciplines of study, film/television, and graphic design

Karen "Kay" Ross

Stuart Baird for action, who I know and love from Lethal Weapon but did a crap ton more (not all good); random, but Franco Arcalli for drama who worked with Bernardo Bertolucci, who I know from The Co...

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Dan MaxXx

Elísabet Ronaldsdóttir. Action queen!

Credits: Deadpool, John Wick, Atomic Blonde, Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings

Matat Levin

Hi Everyone... I'm a Makeup effects artist and Photographer who recently moved to London. I'd like to introduce myself.. When I was thirty it hit me that it is possible to live the dream; so I quit my day job, and went out and got my masters in photography at the EFTI imaging college in Madrid. I al...

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Matat Levin

Thank you very much :). I wish you success in yours.

Shari D. Frost

Welcome Matat!

Bill Hartin

Just keep at it, Matat, and your phone will ring someday with the chance of a lifetime. And you will be ready...

Liinda G.
Editing in COVID times.

The news of COVID-19 came soon after filming our last project completely interrupting post-production. I am thinking of proposing editors an OTT revenue share per episode. Has anyone done this before? if so what would be good and fair % percentage for the editor. Let me know what you think or share...

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Karen "Kay" Ross

Is OTT revenue a backend payment? That's a good question about percentages, though. I feel like a minimum per diem would still be required, even with the backend payments.

Lani Finer
After effects and premiere pro tutorials

Hey! Looking for good tutorials for AE and Premiere Pro. I've been disappointed with the Adobe and Video Co Pilot ones so far so looking for some others.

Phil Hanlon

I'm using Lynda and finding it very good.... big powerful program after effects, I think I'll have to go through it a couple of times. Some illustrator and photoshop knowledge is essential but that will come through use

Chad Mercree

I find everything I need on YouTube. There are so many great tutorials on absolutely every aspect of the Adobe suite of products. Best part is they're all free!

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

I agree with Chad. Youtube is an excellent source for free tutorials.

Tomasz Mieczkowski

Lynda's always great. There's also Udemy - can't always rely on the content of material, but they offer some free classes, and you can preview most of the classes to see the quality you'd be getting i...

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Gary McClurg

Anyone have any good links to tutorials for Red Giant other than Red Giant? My humble opinon their tuts are more of a info-commercial than a tutorial. :)

Rafael Pinero
DaVinci Resolve 12 Free version

Hello everyone, I am currently using FCP 7 still, I was thinking on moving to Premiere Pro, then I just downloaded the free version of Da Vinci Resolve 12. What are your thoughts between this two programs? Which one do you prefer? I've heard great things about DaVinci, but I'd like to hear your opinion.

Rafael Pinero

I guess no one is using DaVinci Resolve NLE

Tony Fisher

As far as I was aware Resolve was mainly used for grading, although I have heard of a small number of people that have used it for NLE. I mainly use Premiere pro and Avid for NLE, it really comes down...

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S. Mirshamsi

In my opinion It is really depends what project you want to work on. I never use DaVinci Resolve for NLE, but if you have a short video for editing with lots of color grading maybe you can consider Da...

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Mars Williamson

I use davinci everyday at work for color. I have used the editing features in it while onlining for minor tweaks. While the editing capabilities are way better that any previous iteration I'd say by t...

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Rafael Pinero

Thanks Candice, Thats really helpful, premiere it is

Larry Ross
Looking for collaborators with graphic arts, animation, and or video, and sound editing talents.

OK here's the basic run down. Since 2014 at Pay it Forward TV on You Tube, I been taking my camera and going to video interview local charities, benefits, and nonprofits or people paying it forward in one way or another.

And my talents to talk to anybody about any given subject on camera just doesn'...

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John Ellis

Larry Ross think about marketing, to drive people to your channel. Maybe someone here would pitch in some time to help in that area (not me, I'm not a marketer).

One thought would be to have the people...

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Karen "Kay" Ross

My two cents on sound is: yes, you can get away with the voice recording on your phone, so long as you are in a quiet space. Your car doesn't work as well as you think because of the noise outside of...

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Benedict Harris-Hayes

Hi, Larry.

If I can assist with any audio/sound production for your projects, please let me know.

I am a dab hand at audio restoration.


Karen "Kay" Ross

I'm not sure if this helps, but sometimes you just have to start - even if you don't feel you're ready. But if you do what you do consistently, and share what you make generously, you'll attract people that want to collaborate.

Anurag Datta

Hello, Larry.

If you need an editor to assist you, please feel free to reach out to me!



Alfonsina Sterling
Remote work for Video Editors

Hi all!

I´m looking for new alternatives for remote work as a video editor, any suggestion?

So far I use Upwork and manages to find a direct contact from my website. Now I´m trying to ´´expand´´ and find new project sources.

Any recommendations?


Ian James Duncan

We usually hire from craiglists or word of mouth. Hardly ever remote editors though. Especially not if its a project that is of scale or has a deadline. The other creatives on the project often want a...

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Pierré Steven Buys

Yes Remote editing is the dream for me too, I've sound some interest as companies say its cheaper to have a employee work from home. So I work on freelance sites -tons of little jobs and then to have...

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Vasco Phillip de Sousa

Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Screen International, even right here on stage 32 under "Jobs."

If you use upwork and co, you're cheapening yourself. Plus, you're giving something like ten percent of your...

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Jan Polak

Please join they offer work wordwide

Pierré Steven Buys

Ive joined 90 with a rigorous process but they just use their own or old editors, remote video editing is still a fantasy. Getting local work is easier but getting enough to replace your permanent job, therein lies the rub!

Comedic webseries Editor - Grader wanted (low budget)


I just shot a webseries in South Africa, on the topic of fast travel, female friendship, social media. The final product will be 6 episodes of 5 minutes. I am now in LA and am looking for an editor and a grader who want to work together.

The project will be either crowdfunded or sold so there is a...

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Bill Albert

I'd be interested in finding out more.

Eric Lau

Still looking for a grader? I am keen to help out. Just sent you a network request and we can discuss on it :)

Garrett Adams
Mixing film and digital footage

Has anyone ever mixed super16 with GH4/5 (or other digital sources) before on a project? We've been planning this film for a while and we're shooting in 3 weeks but it's looking like we won't have enough film stock to shoot the whole thing. Our options are either scrap the idea and shoot entirely di...

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JD Hartman

Buying more film stock is out of the question? Do you have a DP who know how to get a "filmic" look from a digital camera? Really it's a fools errand.

Garrett Adams

Crisis averted, my producer round up some more money + Kodak gave us a big discount so we got all the stock we need!

Anthony Pennington
2021 is the Year

Good Afternoon All.

Kay stopped by my homepage and ask if I would share a photo of my new studio I just completed. It took me about a year to design and create, adding all the little fiddly-bits, but when I walk into write or create now, I feel I've step into my own little world. My basic intent is t...

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Vanessa M. Chattman

Thank you very much.

Leya Marincic

Oh very nice. Well a few years back my partner and I invested in a beefed up workstation too and it works great. But we also left the Adobe Suite behind and now work mostly in Davinci Resolve and it's...

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Anthony Pennington

Looks good. Way back (when I was running XP) I got introduced to Premiere. Was doing some safety videos for JPL. So we have some history and I suppose I just stuck with it. I've got the Abobe subscrip...

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Leya Marincic

Anthony Pennington I also started on Premiere but then a few years ago we bought the Blackmagic Pocket 4K camera and got Davinci along with it and it's been great. Much better colorgrading abilities....

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Monica Mansy

Congratulations, Anthony Pennington, on your new studio! What a great setup. It looks like a perfect place to immerse yourself in creativity!

Daria Davidova
QC online courses

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for online courses of QC. Does anyone know it? Could you help?

I will be grateful for any help you can provide.

David Trotti

Here's Netflix QC guide

I know Apple used to have a walk through guide for providing content to iTunes.

Every distributor is di...

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Daria Davidova

Thank you, David!

Goodmorning to all!

Well at least from Tennessee!

How is everyone? I'm a Student in school for Video production but my true love has always been editing. What are some good editing programs to start out with?

Thank you! Look forward to talking to everyone!


Jason Feiler

Hi Alex, A lot depends on what your goals are, but you should learn FXP, Premiere and AVID. I would start with Premiere, it will teach you the basics of 3 point editing and works great with all the ot...

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Karen "Kay" Ross

When I was in film school, they had embraced FCP7, but when the next version was FCPX, everyone I knew either transferred into industry-standard AVID for television/film or Adobe Premiere for video pr...

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Tony S.

Starting out, starting out. iMovie. Free, quickly teaches basics of working in a timeline, no special hardware - use on iPhone or iPad

Then move on to any posted - FCP would be a natural - that require heftier hardware.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Good point, Tony S. - I would agree. iMovie is a great beginner tool. I've known many local media stations to use it as well.

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