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Caryn Ruby

Chicago Location

Hi all! I am getting ready to shoot a short film here in Chicago and I need help finding just one location. I don't think it makes sense financially to hire a location scout for a single location or am I wrong here? I've never needed to go outside of my network for locations before. (The location in question is an office with a very upscale boardroom). Any thoughts on where I should be looking/asking? Thanks so much!

Tony Mendoza

all depends how much time you have. If you have the time I would go myself. Especially for a short.

Chad Catuara

Is this gratis? You might try commercial realtor. I'll think about other approaches . The city/state film offices might have suggestion. Are you gear intensive? Try Mr. ego Trump.

Caryn Ruby

thanks guys! still working on it.

LindaAnn Loschiavo

It is obvious where you should be looking, Caryn Ruby. Contact a local commercial real estate broker; s/he will have keys for vacant offices and for condos and buildings that are for sale. Ask about square feet / sunlight / and if you can get the space for just a credit. You might have to give a deposit, which will be returned -- if you do not damage anything.

Chris Pluchar

Failing that, I'd next look into places/services that rent out offices on a daily/weekly/monthly. Sometimes these are collaborative spaces, sometimes just buildings that cater to small businesses. But they usually have conference rooms that can be rented. If that doesn't work out, I'd looking into hotels with conference rooms, obviously starting with the more upscale.

Lauren Elizabeth Jayne Stiener

I would like to ask a question When starting a production what is the most difficult permit to obtain Taking into account of location, road access, residents etc Thank you Lauren

Caryn Ruby

Hi Lauren, up till now I haven't needed to obtain permits (luckily) so I'm not sure I can answer your question. :-)

Lauren Elizabeth Jayne Stiener

Thank you very much for your reply Caryn

Tony Cella

Most commercial real estate companies will lease board rooms for day rates. A family member works in that industry and survived partially on commissions from filming leases.

Lawrence R. Kotkin

They will often rent such board rooms by the hour.

Elisabeth Meier

In addition to Lawrence's comment I would recommend to call your filming a student or no budget project to get better price conditions, if you negotiate with real estate companies. Furthermore, you could ask the local city administration for support. Sometimes they support local film projects with money or with permissions to film at places you never thought of.

Lauren Elizabeth Jayne Stiener

Thanks for that information

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