Anything Goes : DOCUMENTARY: Intellectual Property Agreement. by MagicBrad Gudim

MagicBrad Gudim

DOCUMENTARY: Intellectual Property Agreement.

Anyone know of a source for an Intellectual Property Agreement.? I've got an idea for a Documentary Film.

David M. Adler

Hi Brad, Kudos for thinking of IP in the Pre-production stage. However, IP encompasses many specific types of rights, especially in a Documentary Film and one agreement may not necessarily address all those rights. For example, A right of Publicity release is usually necessary for any who appears on-camera. It should also contain a work-for-hire/release for any potentially protectable "creative contribution" they may make. You may also need Trademark releases for brands/slogans/logos and/or Copyright releases for creative works of others that appear in the film (music, photos, sculptures, architecture). In addition, you should have specific agreements with each collaborator (writer, director, crew) that cover their potentially protectable creative contributions. Lastly, you may need a separate agreement with the subject of the film if the project involves a person's life story (often called a "Life Rights" agreement). Beyond that there are a myriad of different yet related issues with respect to how, when and where the Documentary may be exploited, such as third-party, Distribution, Film Festivals, Cable/Satellite TV, Broadcast TV, Theatrical release rights, Live Theater production and literary rights.

MagicBrad Gudim

Thanks David and Jeff. I've already been frightened off by the complexity, of such a project. :o) It will be put on the side or back burner.

Rebecca Ann Dowty

This was wonderful help for me! Thank you for taking time to answer his question! I've been working with a lady who was a USO entertainer with Bob Hope & I've got the pitch ready to go. I just want to have the IP paperwork in order to move things along quickly. Your time is precious and your investment so appreciated!

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