Anything Goes : Help! I need a bar (So I can start shooting) by Alejandro Behar

Alejandro Behar

Help! I need a bar (So I can start shooting)

Hey guys, I'm looking for advice (if not help). I finished my script, I got the commitment of talent and crew (mostly collaborators due lack of money) I have the equipment and at this point the one thing I'm missing is the location. I am in Los Angeles metro area and I have scouted from Redondo Beach all the way to Ventura without luck, no one these days wants to lend a place for free (even bars that were foreclosed). I don't seem to have the right connection (bar owner or someone who can get me a bar). I approached studios too but pricing is ridiculous. I will have everything permitted and insured so liability shouldn't be a problem. Cheapest price I was able to find (and it didn't work for me anyway) was $5000 for 8 hours (from 2:00 AM - 10:00 AM). So... I guess the question is, what would you do in a situation like this? I might be able to pay up to $1500 for no less than 12 hours. Is a one day shooting and it needs to look old, country, wood floors maybe, rustic, decorated preferably with old looking memorabilia. If there is a good samaritan or smart marketer I can offer of course the presence of your name in movie and credits. Thank you!

Royce Allen Dudley

Get out of the studio zone, and away from the coast, they all know what a bar should cost ;) I have had luck on the very cheap in San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire, mostly with dive bars. A dump that only makes $500 tuesday will be glad to get $1000 out of you if you promise to feature a shot of their sign on camera and name in credits. Undoubtedly it's daytime- no one will close for you at night. Also Brett at Goat House Studios in NoHo used to have 2 standing bar sets, a country / dive bar and an upscale club, not sure if they are still there.

Alejandro Behar

Thank you! I'll check this out.

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