Anything Goes : I have a script, now what? by Dawn RR

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Dawn RR

I have a script, now what?

I had attended a SAG-AFTRA meet some months back where they hosted a screening of the Dallas Buyers Club film and the star, Matthew Mconahey, who was there for a Q&A for the film. The thing that stood out from what he talked about was the importance of pre-production. This film was done in like 29 days, and he said that pre-production was THE most important thing to get a film going, The brief mentions of scout locations, what could be done in a scene, and the time they had to do it, what could be feasible and still keep things realistic while still working with a smaller budget. I was inspired, and especially with today's technology, more people can accomplish their work, but I know that the emphasis on pre production seems to be the most paramount. My question is, now that I have a script, what does pre-production involve?

Ami Brown

Pretty much everything that leads up to the filming. I would suggest you work along side another seasoned filmmaker as a volunteer or something so you can experience what goes on before hand. I'm sure there are also plenty of books on the subject as well and internet research. WAY too much to explain here. :-) Here is a checklist for you I found quickly.

Bobby Marko

Dawn, you might take a look at a cloud based software called Production Minds. Just seeing all the features in that software will give you a good idea of what is required to take a script to production. I was able to use the software for my latest short film Fruitcake and loved the experience. It made pre-production that much more efficient and allowed us to create a 33 minute film in less than 10 days of shooting. I just posted a blog about our experience. Feel free to read it here:

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