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Anything Goes : Storyboard software by Natalie Z Johnson

Natalie Z Johnson

Storyboard software

What is everyone using for storyboard software? The full version of Storyboard Artist looks like it has some nice bells and whistles. I like he way it links with other packages like Sketchup for imagery. But some of it still looks a bit rough. Could be the tutorials I was watching. Toon Boom looks awesome, but it's expensive and cartoon animatio oriented. I have Final Cut Pro to edit and assemble separate boards if need be as well as Adobe products or even Autodesk. Just wondering what the norm is. Thanks in advance for your input.

Santosh Oommen

Sketchbook Pro has a flip book feature that works well for storyboarding. There is a storyboard light version for Toonboom. Storyboard Pro is expensive but its quite good for live action as well. If you teach, or know a teacher you can get a significant discount for $399 or $499 at Studica or Journey ed or one of the academic stores online.

Debi Hammack

I use ArtRage for the drawing process and then Blender to make animatics. Sometimes use Photoshop too for some formatting and editing of drawings.

E. Gustavo Petersen

I'm a fan of both FrameForge and Sketchup.

Vasco Phillip de Sousa

The norm is still pencil on paper, then you can use anything else to make it look nice, from PaintShop Pro to Maya (or even oil paints.) FrameForge looks interesting, but I like Daz and Poser for that kind of thing because it's easier to add my own models (or ideally, Maya. Maya's awesome.)

Zaid Mu'min

You may want to look into Celtx. It has some nice options. It used to be free but I believe it may have a small cost for the storyboard maker. Celtx.com

Jean Claude de la Ronde

I use everything from Photoshop. Painter X3, Sketchbook Pro, Manga Studio 5 EX, Toon Boom Storyboard Pro. These days I'm into Manga Studio 5. I worked out a 3-4 panel per page that I can use in every program. All I do is import it as a jpg image into the software and I draw on top of it. When I'm done, I flatten the image and voilà. For Animatics I use Toon Boom Storyboard Pro. I know there is an animation menu in Photoshop in which you can key frame your stuff like in After Effects. I'll have to try that out. I was looking at another software called MotionComics and that could work really well doing animatics. It's not expensive and it really looks sweet. I'm actually going to save some cash and buy myself a copy as soon as I can.

Francis LaLonde

I don't really have much experience actually storyboarding (I'm just starting) and I can't draw to save my life. I've had previous experience using SketchUp for constructing Google Earth models - mostly using versions 7 and 8, before Trimble acquired it. I'm only using the free version (I'm the...uh...frugal...filmmaker), and it looks like it may be able to do a little bit of what I need - I'm just basically trying to get enough views to cover the primary shots/positions for a short film I scripted. Still, some of the options are 'missing' in the newer version, so I may revert back to 7/8.

Elisabeth Meier

Don't know if this is helpful or useful, but I discovered that Amazon Studios offer a free tool for storyboards.

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