Anything Goes : Storyline by Brian McAndrew

Brian McAndrew


I'm thinking of doing a love vs. family duty themed movie. In where a woman has an affair with her sister's husband. This of course would be controversial. But controversy and of course sex sells, what do you think? Do you think it's worth writing?

Stephen Marinaccio

Do you?

Brian McAndrew

Yes, but is it marketable.,

Max Boyce

Don't think about it... Just Do it!

Stephen Marinaccio

If you are a true writer, you don't worry about marketability - you simply write it. If you are a opportunist writer who only wants to write what makes money - then, best of luck. Sorry if that sounds harsh - but, in my view, if there is a story in your head and you are a writer - you'd not be asking 'permission' from a horde of random people.

Eric Stacey

Woody Allen has made that story many times. All successfully. Give it a go.

Antonio Ingram

Yeah but the challenge is, what will make yours different from the others. What dynamic will make your concept stand out. I also agree with stephen, you do not think about that you write; that is what we do. Our job is to push the boundaries so no permission needed. Like this one guy said on here, " Its like nike, just do it." But best of luck to you man and hope it all goes well.

Tabitha Baumander

A story that you feel interested in writing is worth writing. Writing something because "sex sells" is not the reason to write. SO if you feel that this will make a good story and you have a new way of portraying this conflict then write it.

Max Boyce

Jax, it sounds like typical French marriage, it you add the neighbor's wife, the maid, the daughter's best friend.... etc. Speaking of things French, I recommend THE CLOSET, the funniest and funnest film I've ever seen

Bodroux Mokwasi

Just go for it

Brian McAndrew

How it's different is it's also a redemption story of sorts. The "other woman" is the anti-hero and central character of the story.

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