Anything Goes : Wanted: Treatment and budget for a feature film, under 300K, strong female characters. by Deanna Rashell

Deanna Rashell

Wanted: Treatment and budget for a feature film, under 300K, strong female characters.

Seeking a feature film script with a proper treatment and rough /complete budget. The script can be in rough draft too but ideally it's near completion. Budget under 300K with strong female characters in late 20's - early 40's. Looking to film next year in Louisiana. Please inbox me with your interest or just send me the 1 page or shorter treatment and rough/complete budget, thanks.

Violette Soleil

Check out The Hollow Vessel on my log line page

Harun Shah

Hi Deanna, Hope all is well. I have a couple of scripts, one which has strong female characters, but the setting is in the Fiji Islands as this is based on my first novel, Fiji: The Beginning, from the series, Taming of the World. It has been adapted into a screenplay, but we don't have a budget yet. The other project is Killer Footage for an independent film company...Digital Roads Production. I have secured the location at Homesburg Prison in Philadelphia and all the permits are in place. We have a small crew and cast. If interested I would be glad to send you the package. my email is Thanks Harun Shah

Christopher Alan Broadstone

Deanna, please check out COLOR OF FLAME on my loglines page at: Thanks so much.

Violette Soleil

Did you find my log line page as requested? If not email me at. Violette815@gmail .com

Mehernosh Kapadia

See the log lines of EMI and GOING OVERBOARD of my scripts

Joe Becker

it was sounding good, but I have a Western set in the 1800s

Mungunzul Amgalanbaatar

Hello Deanna . pls give your email.

Stuart Wright

You see my message re your shout out?

Neba Godwill Awantu

My "slave goddess"will be of interest to you Deanna

Robert Smith

I have written a number of scripts which can be produced for less than a million. Please contact me to discuss what genre you prefer: romance comedy, horror, drama... BTW, check out some of my loglines, already registered with LOC. I have written budgets for a few of my scripts, but please let me know if any of them snag your interest and I can work up some basic numbers for specific projects. StarCityStudios at R

Mehernosh Kapadia

I have 2 of them see the log line of EMI and GOING OVERBOARD on this website

Kevin Doy Burton

Hello Deanna,I have a science fiction script called Transhuman.It's about a beautiful genetically altered female from the year 2530 who is sent back to the year 2015 to stop an alien invasion that has wiped out 90% of humanity.

Deanna Rashell

Hey Kevin, this sounds very interesting, do you know what he budget is?

Kevin Doy Burton

Deanna,I haven't worked put a budget but with all the CGI effects and green screening anything can be worked out Just go to Simply Scripts and punch in TRANSHUMAN in the search column then read it and tell me what you think.

Christopher Alan Broadstone

Deanna, did you ever have time to check out COLOR OF FLAME on my loglines page at: ? Could be done for 300K.

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