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Louis Tété


Hi Peeps, hope you feel all great. Any business owners over here free for a meet up in LA? Like production companies owner or any business owners related to the movie industry? I would love to talk with anyone who has a business for a coffee or anything you drink (on me of course) to tell me about his/her experience as a CEO or founder of your company? Im creating mine, therefore i really would like to sat down with someone and talk about business, his/her business. DM on my profile if you have time and would like to share your experience, in this industry we all rely on the knowledge and experience of the guy/girl next to you. I would appreciate it so much. Thanks you all.

Dan MaxXx

Coffee? Use better bait like dinner at AGO or NOBU restaurant, field box tickets to Dodgers baseball.

I know some Entertainment bosses and they don’t come for coffee.

Doug Nelson

Ya, you need better bait. I work for beer; but only locally.

Louis Tété

Thanks Dan for your advice, i offer a dinner in the place of their choice.

Louis Tété

Thank you Vitaly and to all of you as well for those advices, strongly appreciated. I totally understand your point Vitaly, it surely makes sense. They for sure have better things to do than meeting a stranger. I'll look up about those groups. Cheers guys, you rock.

Ryan McCoy

Louis, I’m shocked people said you need better bait. Fuck that. I’m based in LA and would be HAPPY to meet you for coffee, ON ME. E-mail me at: My office is in Santa Monica but I live near Calabasas. Let me know when and where you’d like to meet, if you’re interested. Thanks for reaching out.

Hotep Popov

Ryan McCoy You seem like a nice boy. We should grab a handle of Popov one of these days. Keep making america great again!

Dan MaxXx

Lol drives all the way from calabasas for $2 coffee to talk shop. Winner

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