Producing : Anyone from UK or wanting to make a UK movie? by Pete Whiting

Pete Whiting

Anyone from UK or wanting to make a UK movie?

I have completed a 1980s based sci-fi thriller script based on UK novel from established UK author. ( I own rights). The script has received positive feedback from several credible sources and was a semi-finalist in the 2017 Stage 32 Screenplay competition. One agent from a highly credited and well known actor has stated once I have attachment (director/studio/producer) to get in touch. If anyone is from the UK or is interested in a UK setting film, let me know.

Dan MaxXx

Reps tell me the same thing here in USA, "come back when I have $$$, producer, studio director, attachments, tangible partners and assets." That is all the work done.

Ken Koh

Write a character driven simple script that you can fund and make yourself that makes money, then someone will invest their money in your higher budgeted script. You need a track record to raise big money unless your script is super exceptional, otherwise it's one in a million great scripts fighting for the same funding pool. Statistically not realistic. You can spend years 'chasing' the deal, or you can plan, and strategically build your own career step by step. Filmmaking is hard work, everyone wants to strike it rich and win that deal, but few wants to do the legwork and build their career step by step. Filmmakers get angry when I say this, sometimes they delete the entire post here. Stop chasing the deal. It's actually a lot quicker if your do all the work.

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