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Vasco Saraiva


Hello! Can anyone suggest a few books on producing

Beth Fox Heisinger

Hi Vasco. Perhaps take a look at "Producer to Producer: A Step-By-Step Guide to Low Budgets Independent Film Producing" by Maureen A. Ryan. :)

Vasco Saraiva

Thank you Beth!

Jade Nangah

Scheduling and Budgeting Your Film: A Panic-Free Guide

Stavros Georgiadis

Producers survival guide. It's on Amazon. It's all about the legal as a producer.

Stavros Georgiadis

I'd also have a dig around Ted Hope's blog. It will, as one blog, give you an injection of knowledge. Good luck.

Vasco Saraiva

Thanks, Jade and Stavros.

James Day

Go to and check them out.

Michael Wearing

Interesting question, And some interesting answers. I guess the truth of the matter is it depends what level you currently are, as to what "producer" books would be useful to you. Many of the books I've looked at concentrate on the American feature film market. Don't forget that many of the skills of a producer can be gained through non film related books and courses, negotiation, project management, book keeping and accounting, employment law, marketing, copyright law, leadership to name but a few...

C. Jeffery Evans

Thank you all. Not sure I'll ever produce, but I think that understanding the process more completely will make me a better screenwriter.

Stavros Georgiadis

Google Film Legal in Amazon and start reading. Production management also. But remember at the start of your journey think small not large. SMALL projects, practical; little steps. Don't start attempting the next Superman or Gardians of the Galaxy. If your a screenwriter then all I can say it Read, Watch and Write as a mantra. And, do it every day!

Raymond J. Negron

Hey Vasco "The School of Hard Knocks," that's the book i'm writing on it! :) I would advise start small and garner some interest. Actually, wait til my book is out. Good luck RJN

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