Producing : Can I hire a casting director with a shoestring budget? by Danny Villanueva Jr.

Can I hire a casting director with a shoestring budget?

I'm looking to produce a feature film with a budget of around $5000-$10000 with a good portion going to a name actor(s). Is hiring a casting director out of the question or do some of them work for extremely cheap? Or do many producers take on the task of casting a negotiating deals themselves? Thanks!

Dan MaxXx

$10K feature with name actor(s) (SAG waiver?) labor, production, postproduction? going to be differcult with $10K. no insurance, permits, run N gun shoot?

Danny Villanueva Jr.

SAG ultra low budget agreements, free access to locations, yes insurance. Making a 10k feature film is not an issue for me. I'm wondering about casting directors. Can they be affordable?

Danny Villanueva Jr.

Thanks William!

Jessie Bernard

I'd definitely recommend doing it yourself or hire someone looking for credits to help cast. If you have some type of Budget look up Tamara Sibley she's amazing and is based out of Chicago and L.A

Nicholas Jordan

$5000-$10000 is craft services, if you can find one whom will do it for that. That is where I would budget it to attract name actors, if you find one whom will do good for that be sure to let me know so that I can use them on my productions. As a matter of fact that gives me an idea, do business as support services. I have been on 5 major-locations and every one of them seems to be the same, yet it just seems to be sitting around in the trailer and letting the color go out of the complexion? I am going to find another way to do it.

James Day

If there is a minimum budget give them points to the film when a deal goes through. Jessie has it correct do it yourself.

Christopher von Grebe

It's really unfortunate that no one answered the question.

Jack Binder

DIY. As above you will not enough to pay one, unless you have a connection to one, and they agree to a token payment. Good luck!

Alan M. Cossettini

As a casting director, I'll maybe accept to work in change of film percentage points, if the script is interesting of course.

Doug Nelson

The simple answer is probably not (at least not a pro).

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