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Christian Maxwell


A question for the Stage32 community today...

You're casting a movie. It's a conspiracy thriller, with a few action scenes.

You're casting the main character: a woman in her 30s, brainy, snarky sense of humor, used to be on her varsity swim team in high school. Now she works as a researcher at a Wikileaks-like company. Kind of intense, capable of violence if pushed far enough.

Who would you cast in the role?

Erik A. Jacobson

First, your agent needs to find a producer interested in the script. If he takes on the project, he and the director will make casting decisions.

Christian Maxwell

Sometimes an agent, producer or manager will ask for input about who to send a script to. I have a colleague who's having those discussions right now. Anyway, I'm trying to brainstorm about who'd be good for this role. Any thoughts?

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Shotzie Cado, who I already cast in the title role in Sin 13 - see

Tully Archer

Gillian Jacobs.

Chelsea Regenold

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

John Ellis

Hillary Swank.

Christian Maxwell

Thank you for the responses! I posted this almost a week ago, and got virtually no feedback. Thanks again for brainstorming with me.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Bear in mind that we've had a holiday weekend over that week period and lots of people are taking a tech break as part of that. Speaking of which, I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend! Let us know how casting goes!

Kacee DeMasi

Leticia Wright.

Christian Maxwell

Kacee DeMasi. Great suggestion!!!

Christina Naime

Kim Aria Peterson

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