Producing : Child actor and guns by Michael Wearing

Michael Wearing

Child actor and guns

Im working on a feature where a five year old has a gun pointed at her and is shot dead. Ive had a fairly lengthy conversation with the director about how this should be shot. In particular I don’t think the gun should ever actually be pointed at the child. Indeed I don’t think the child needs to be on set at the same time as the gun. I’d be interested in your thoughts on the subject.

Tasha Lewis

Complex topic that needs to be handled with care due to so much Violence going on in the media and world today! Talk to parents and children who have been impacted by gun violence as part of research on the topic.

Christopher Phillips

How the final picture looks with how cinematography works on the set aren’t related.

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

"Once Upon A Time In The West" (1968) - Henry Fonda gunned down a boy in the beginning. Go check it out to see how it was handled, shot. In "Act of Valor" - school kids were killed by an explosion that was handled around the corner (if memory serves correctly).

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