Producing : Desire Suggestions For US Locations That Can Double As A Non-US Desert Location by Merri Christi Pemberton

Merri Christi Pemberton

Desire Suggestions For US Locations That Can Double As A Non-US Desert Location

I would like to ask suggestions for US Locations, which offer landscapes that can double as a North African desert location (Morocco) or landscapes found in Axum, Ethiopia. This is for an archaeology scene.

Philip Sedgwick

Heaps of desert in Arizona without cactus. Major sand dunes on the AZ/CA border near Yuma. Also consider the Wilcox Playa in Arizona. Seen in this pic.

Merri Christi Pemberton

Thank you! I will do more research for the places you suggested. I hope you are doing well.

Bob Williams

the bowl out side of las vegas nevada is a large dune area with some rock formations

Merri Christi Pemberton

Thank you Bob! I will check it out online.

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

Checkout eastern Washington ... believe it or not there's a huge arid area out there as well. As mentioned previously there's Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Western Texas ...

Merri Christi Pemberton

Thank you Lindbergh! I will also check out eastern Washington online.

JD Hartman

Michigan, Nevada, Mohave area in California, etc., etc.

Merri Christi Pemberton

Thank you JD

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

You're gotten some very helpful suggestions. Additionally, when you go to check out these locations (and you may have thought of what follows. If so, ignore my comments), take a look at issues such as accessibility, availability of food, water, getting permits to shoot there (I think this is an issue on certain protected or government owned lands), etc. A useful place to start would be the state film commissions in the state where the desert is located. I have found SFCs to be easy to reach by e-mail and usually quite helpful.

Merri Christi Pemberton

Hi Douglas! Thank you for sharing your very helpful suggestions. Yes, everything that you suggested are needed, and even required, to help me make a sound decision in choosing locations. I will look into reaching out to SFC as well. Thank you so much!

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

You're welcome. Good luck.

Bradd Hopkins

Merri Christi! There are some nice shooting deserts in New Mexico, and the film incentives are great. There are often fees associated with the use of government controlled lands, and they can be hard on a budget, depending on the specific agency involved. But your cinematographer and your director will love the light! If you need boots on the ground, contact me or go through the New Mexico Film Office.

Merri Christi Pemberton

Thank you Brad for sharing your suggestions and advice! I will visit your website today.

Art Thomas

Some of the most diverse topography in the United States is in Colorado. From Sand Dunes national park to the Eastern Plains, you can't go wrong. If ever I can assist you, please let me know. Our recent film just finished post, you can view the trailer at: Have a great day. Art

Merri Christi Pemberton

Hi Art! Wow, Hush Money trailer looks great! I will connect with you shortly.

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