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Your Stage : Don't Undervalue Your Films' Website by Nathan Suher

Nathan Suher

Don't Undervalue Your Films' Website

I started Indie Filmworks because I get asked quite often how I'm able to produce my films on such a low budget and get thousands of eyes to watch them. For the past year I've been heavily involved in producing and directing my first feature, Higher Methods. Sharing my experiences so that you can learn from my successes and failures is my way of spreading the wealth of knowledge I've accumulated.

Please watch and share Episode 11 of Indie Filmworks: Don't Undervalue Your Films' Website


Debbie Croysdale

Yes web domains are great ideas to advertise a film and I agree social media info may be random and scattered for people searching about your project. Also great tips on Your other video TRAILER MISTAKES, particularly the one about trying to appeal to too many people in one session if the film

Debbie Croysdale

......(sorry stage 32 web page jumped before I finished above comment) .....TALKING ABOUT TRAILER MISTAKES. A good tip in your other video is not to try to appeal to too many people at once, with too many mixed messages, in one short trailer. Hitting your niche with one clear and bold vision, and if its mixed genre, hitting second niche with follow on later trailer.

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