Enough beating around the bushes

I know that I have great stories to share, and I've been told that I'm a talented writer. But I can't tell you things to make you believe it. So here's the thing, I'm looking for producers who are willing to take a chance on my work. I'm doing it for work and feedback. Money isn't what I'm after, I'm looking to advance me career and express my talent. So with that being said, if there's anyone who wants to look into my work and potentially make a deal or just give my 100% honest feedback, I'm willing to take it. No bs, I feel like my work is good enough to make it to the big screen, but I need someone who's willing to take a chance on the new kid on the block.

Dan MaxXx

Dont ask for permission. Do it yourself, with you own Talent, sweat and $$$.
$$$ means respect in show biz. If folks aint paying you, it means they don't respect you. So why would you want to work with people who don't respect you?

Ken Koh

https://www.inktip.com. If your script is good it'll reach producers with cash.

Vitaly Kozlov

^^^ Yep, you will get 1 dollar and 10 to 15 years in the development.

Noah Parker

You know, for someone who hasn't even read a lick of my work, you sure do love to put your opinion out there. I bet if I let you read the first ten pages of one of my screenplays, you'd have a different perspective of my work. Or not, and you could just keep criticizing me, I couldn't care less at this point.

Ken Koh

Hi Noah - You can pitch to Bob, if he likes it, he'll get it to the right people in Hollywood: http://www.moviepitch.com

Ken Koh

If you're target is hollywood, u should copyright your script with: http://www.copyright.gov and http://www.wgawregistry.org/webrss/.

Shawn Flanagan

Noah, please send me 3 pages of your best work. I would love to read it.

John Smith

Hey Noah email me at john@sameworldproductions.com

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