Producing : Finding Cheap/Free Industrial Locations by Tom Loveman

Tom Loveman

Finding Cheap/Free Industrial Locations

Hi Location scouts, managers and producers! What tips can you give me for finding free or cheap locations (I'm in Los Angeles)? I need something for a modern industrial that can pass for the future in a scifi short I'm producing on a very small budget. I can afford maybe $500 for the location. I can trade marketing services though. Should I use a location company? Go directly to business owners? It's a 3 page scene with two people and maybe a couple extras. One day of shooting. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tom

Regina Lee

In full disclosure, that is not my area of expertise. But I would try both. I would also post a Location Manager job listing on, and see if you get a resume in from someone experienced in this space.

Tom Loveman

Thanks Regina! Appreciate the advice.

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