Producing : Finding Producers who also raise capital by Joseph Michael Somma

Joseph Michael Somma

Finding Producers who also raise capital

Happy Holiday To All! I have mostly focused on acting for the past 15 or so years of my career. Resently, I was forced to learn the inns/outs of producing low budget Indies from the ground up. I wrote this beautiful social issue film that I am compelled to make, but with little to no funds at the moment, I'm finding it challenging to get experienced producers aboard. (Even though they say they love the story.) " I cant jump in right now with no $, I have to feed my family, Great script, but call me when you get the funds...This is what I have been hearing. Which, I can understand. Several have even called me back to see if I have the money yet. It's been a 2 year climb after a 4 year painful struggle to write it,which I thought had to be the toughest part. I was wrong! Raising funds today, even from family and friends is challenging. I always thought Real- Producers would help you raise funds if they believe in your story. I always thought part of their job is to connect you to an EXEXUTIVE producer??. ......The Title "PRODUCER" today is used very loosely. I very often find different opinions of its functions. Does an experienced producer usually connect you to finance??? And if so, is there anyone on stage 32 looking for a special script? A project they would consider raising funds for ?(if they thought it was special enough, of course)????

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