Producing : GOT Marries Star Wars ... :) by Jeff Lyons

Jeff Lyons

GOT Marries Star Wars ... :)

THE BIZ: "In space, it's always winter..." OK couldn't resist the bad pun ... I've said for a long time the film industry at the studio level is going to become more TV-like, than feature-film-like ... already seeing it in development approaches with TVesque writing rooms, long form story lines across franchises (seasons), and TV showrunner-lead writing/producing efforts. It's a good thing

Doug Nelson

Jeff, I'm not sold on its being a good thing. Time will tell.

Dan MaxXx

hey, Jeff, do you know Star Wars writers are 96% white men. Only 1 female writer has ever written for SW. Where's the diversity from Disney? 4%

Jeff Lyons

Dan--Where's the diversity? Nowhere. That's why we have to support industry diversity programs. That's why I teach every year for the PGA's diversity fellowship. These programs are having an impact... albeit slow.

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