Producing : Generating Ideas for Producing GOALS by Karen "Kay" Ross

Karen "Kay" Ross

Generating Ideas for Producing GOALS

Hey, Stage-32-ers!

As you may know, next month is typically known as National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), but here on Stage 32, we do a "November Write Club" where YOU set a goal for the month and then check in each week with your progress. Keep your eyes out for Jason's blog post launching the event this Monday!

In the meantime, let's help each other (and ourselves) by discussing possible goals! Okay, okay, so you're not necessarily a writer, but as a PM, AD, or Producer, you can set a goal for yourself as well! Comment below with daily, weekly, and monthly goal suggestions! These can be ones that have worked for you in the past, ones that you've thought about doing but never tried, or something you've heard and want to give it a go!

***If you suggest an exercise or assignment from somewhere, be sure to let us know where you got the prompt so we can acknowledge the good work of others! For example, I really enjoyed this webinar by Rami Rank on learning to budget with EP software: or How to Plan a Film Festival Strategy in the "new normal" by Kimberly Browning:

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