Producing : How to raise funds ? by Cody Schipplock

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How to raise funds ?

Any suggestions for first time filmmakers/producers to raise the money for their film? I’ve written a beautiful script and have paid people for their services out of my own pocket when I can. But production has a come to a delay due to funding. I created a GoFundMe page but haven’t raised too much. I’ve shared it around and asked people to share it. But I’m totally stuck on how else to raise the money. Any advice, suggestions or donations would be hugely appreciated.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Cody Schipplock! My name is Kay, I'm the Community Manager here at Stage 32. If you'd like to learn more about myself and the Stage32 Team, we have an intro blog: Nice to meet you and welcome to the community!

I was looking over your profile, but you don't have much there. Tell me about yourself! I would highly recommend adding your profile picture, your occupation (whatever services you offer now) and bio (where you can expand on what you've done in the past or what you'd like to do in the future) to your profile for other members to better know how to interact with you. Feel free to reference my blog post on "Polishing Your Profile" to help guide you:

As to your question, is funding the only thing you need? Sometimes you can work on "deferred payments" or "in kind" services or offer ways for your cast/crew can do something fun that they don't normally do - for example, if your DP is normally the 1st AC, then they may not require payment for the incentive of being the head of a department. But ask and ask nicely - the goal here is to get the film made, not to make a lack of money the reason it doesn't get made (here's a great video about that:

HOWEVER, IF funding is the only thing you need, then you should definitely check out the book by RB, Stage32's CEO:

Enjoy exploring the lounges, and don't forget to comment and respond to others’ posts, too! It's the best way to really connect! And, of course, feel free to reach out at any time. Cheers!

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