Producing : I'm Pursuing A Career On Filming Grizzly Bears In Katmai National Park, Alaska by Christina Hart

Christina Hart

I'm Pursuing A Career On Filming Grizzly Bears In Katmai National Park, Alaska

Hi everyone,

     My name is Christina Hart. I live in California. I'm new at Stage 32. I'm planning to start my own wildlife documentary TV show that will be a children's TV series on PBS Kids that will be filmed on location in Katmai National Park, Alaska where I will teach the children about the grizzly bears who live there. I'm a bear enthusiast. Bears are my favorite animals that live in North America. I will be the filmmaker, TV host, producer, and director of my TV show. I'm planning to write thirty plus posts here on the Producing Lounge. Does anybody know of any website links on where I can get grants to make my TV show? For the first episode of my TV show, I will be filming the pilot episode. I'm thinking about raising up to fifty thousand dollars to make my TV shows pilot episode filming grizzly bears in Katmai National Park, Alaska. After I have made my pilot episode, most of my TV shows funding will be between fifty thousand and seventy thousand dollars. I went on a trip to Alaska in 2010 where I visited Denali National Park and a town called Seward. After I have completed my TV shows episodes and seasons, I will submit my TV show in the form of a portfolio and DVDs to PBS Kids by filling out their submission proposal application form on the PBS website and mail them to their office in Arlington, Virginia. I'm an animal lover and I love the natural world. Does anybody else know of any website links to where I can get the funding to make my TV show? Where would be the best places to pitch my TV show to where I can get the funding to make my TV show? I want my TV show to be aired on PBS Kids when it is completed. I'm planning to hire my own small wildlife documentary film crew to go with me into the Alaskan wilderness of Katmai National Park, Alaska to film the grizzly bears. I'm going to think of some ideas on what my message will be to the children about the grizzly bears who live in Katmai National Park, Alaska. I would like to make some connections and collaborate with other filmmakers and workers in the film and TV industry too in the producing lounge who can help me make my TV show come to life. I'm going to apply for some grants and I will pitch my TV show. I will do some research on grizzly bears for each episode and season of my TV show. That's all I have to say for right now. I will make another post here on the producing lounge again very soon. Bye for now. Have a great day. Please leave me some likes and comments on this post :)

Doug Nelson

Christina, many years ago I was a fly fishing/explorer/wildlife photographer type with lots of photographic experience of Coastal Brown Bears (Grizzly), Wolves and lots of other critters. I see that you are an Author, Illustrator and a Musician in California. Do you have any real experience/idea about what you are proposing? And you're looking for someone to fund your fantasy/dream! (By the way, I have my own tv cable network program.)

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Christina Hart I would encourage you to ignore naysayers and move forward with your goal. I personally do not do documentary work, but there are a lot of independent filmmakers who would sympathize with your mission. Keep contacting people, and you will eventually find the person or persons who have a wish to assist you. That's with funding as well as production.

Stavros Georgiadis

You might be, for documentary, look at the D-Word for documentary practitioners. Google it. I think you will find it worthwhile.

Stavros Georgiadis

I think you would be interested in the D-Word for documentary practitioners. Google it.

Doug Nelson

There is something very guttural about eye-locking with a big silver tip that's sizing you up for lunch. Believe me!

Cornell Hampton

Hi, Christina. I live in California also. Please note, no one will give you money unless you can prove you know how to spend it correctly. So with that being said. Dont. I repeat. Dont give up on your dream. First start with a sizzle, dealing with the local zoo's. Interview the staff, and build a nice sizzle to show investors.

Kiril Maksimoski

Christina, before making some final decisions, check this documentary if haven't already...

It's not all about money...It's about Grizzlies too... :)

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