Producing : Joining the PGA as a New Media Producer and beyond by Sandrene Mathews

Sandrene Mathews

Joining the PGA as a New Media Producer and beyond

I have two web series that I'm developing that I plan to go into production for and release this year. If all goes well for at least one of them, I will meet the requirements to join the PGA by the end of the year. I have a few questions for anyone who is knowledgeable about it. 1. I haven't been able to find a clear definition of what they consider New Media Broadband. It says "publicly available via online distribution through major video sharing websites and/or curated broadband channels" so I'm assuming that means places like YouTube or Netflix? Streaming services like Netflix appear to be covered under episodic. 2. Are the benefits for joining as a new media producer any different than joining as a Motion Picture or Television producer? 3. If I join the PGA, will it mean I can only use other PGA producers on my projects? Is it like the DGA? One project will make me eligible before the other, and I don't want to have to deal with the paperwork to keep my producers. 4. Will joining as a new media producer mean I'm only able to work on other signed new media projects as a PGA producer? Does that prevent me from producing theatrical non-union projects? 5. If my projects get picked up by a streaming service, will I need to change my level of membership? Thanks for any insight to these questions or anything else I may not be thinking of. This is still a long ways off, but I like to know what I'm working towards.

Sandrene Mathews

I read more on their website and answered my own questions for 3 and 4. Since it's not a labor union it won't affect who I work with or what I work on.

Richard "RB" Botto

Hey Sandrene. Stage 32 has done events with the PGA and the WGA where New Media was the central topic. The rules for both guilds in this area, as you might imagine, are quite fluid. Both guilds have a person dedicated just to New Media. I wouldn't be shy about calling the PGA to get the information you need.

Sandrene Mathews

Thanks, RB! I'll definitely reach out to the PGA as it gets closer. I was hoping to get some insight from someone already part of it, though. I know a few people who are members, but not for new media.

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