Producing : ... Just a kid with a dream by Douglas A. McClanahan

Douglas A. McClanahan

... Just a kid with a dream

Hi everyone . Time is of all of our essance . Knowing everything is not what matters the most . Knowing where to find what you want to know is ! S32 is the 'horse's mouth' . Can an absolute film rookie gather the 'talent' together on S32 to produce several films that get into 'theaters' & media to produce the kind of revenues everyone works for ? Feel free to say hello & chat while I plug away at 'realizing' what can be . Thank you folks Doug

Nicholas Jordan

Yes definitely and that is well this is the place to do it.

Douglas A. McClanahan

Thanks Nich, I will feel my way around folks untilld:-

Douglas A. McClanahan

Thanks Nich, I will feel my way around until I chat with the right folks .

Josh Hughes

If you have the right ideas and vision? Why not. But a plain rookie is going to attract rookies and all together you'll make a rookie film. The nice thing is everyone starts off somewhere!

Richard "RB" Botto

There were 7 filmmakers who had films in Cannes which were either partially or fully casted up through Stage 32. Hope that inspires you.

Matthew Jason Walsh

Great to meet you! Seems like a lot of us are here for the same reason, and this site is a great resource for potential collaborators and talent! Good luck with your films!

Douglas A. McClanahan

... Josh, thank you for the 'hard love' advice ! it is the kind that builds success & what I am looking for on S32 ! The project vision is sound & many more ideas are here . & of course there are three more requirements to success ! ... Casting, casting, casting !!! Al Davis won his share of SBs on one simple principle ... ? ;)

Douglas A. McClanahan

... Hope everyones' week is going well ! I just want to reiterate my initial goal of chatting with as many 'Production mangers' as possible . If anyone knows a few do send them my way . Thank you

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