Producing : "Line-Producing" by Rome Mubarak

Rome Mubarak


What is your take on utilizing a line -producer? I understand they assist in giving your script a dollar figure amount per page. I have someone interested in providing this service but they have recently graduated and frankly have not been in the industry long enough in my opinion. Thoughts?

G.S. Ford

A Line Producer is the producer that does the most work throughout the production. Having a lot of pre-established connections helps this process along. Someone who is willing to hustle throughout the entire project and is a second to an established Line Producer would work.

Rome Mubarak

Right. I don't think she is there yet. I have a few other folks in mind but vetting their prior credit/portfolio is where I'm at in making a decision.

Dan MaxXx

G.S. Ford is 100% correct. Line Producer/Production Manager/First AD work together to SAVE PRODUCTION money.

If we're being frank, if you're asking about if you need a LP, it means you're inexperienced as well.

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

For a short or feature? For shorts you do not need one. Probably don't need a UPM either. Just pool your resources, plan your shoot and shoot your plan. You can keep track of your spend in Excel.

Rome Mubarak

Thanks Lindbergh E Hollingsworth that helps my understanding completely. I am only trying to do a short to package up along with my synopsis, script and log line. More of a "proof of concept " tool. I was under the assumption that a budget would accompany it in the packaging.

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

You can create a budget in Excel if required.

D Marcus

Rome, people gotta start somewhere. I think you should use this person. Someone who has just graduated will be hungry to do a great job. You've never used a Line Producer before so you you will learn something, too. Win-Win!

Michael Patrick Ford

I wouldn't hire a line producer who hasn't been an AD & UPM a lot, like for a few years at least. If anything, offer an AD or UPM a line producing gig at a cut rate. Line Producer needs to know everything & have experience.

Rome Mubarak

Both of you guys are sound in your rationale and I appreciate the feedback.

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