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Aldo Bello

Looking for Business and Legal Forms

Hi everyone. This is probably a subject that has come up in the past, so I'm sure it has been answered already, I just don't know where to find it on this site. Looking for some advice on a good Legal and Business set of forms that I can use...everything from NDAs for film and TV, story rights, individual and location releases, to sample contracts (talent/crew contracts, sales contracts, distribution contracts). I don't really know if there is a reliable and professional one-stop shopping destination for these forms but would love to hear about it if you'd care to provide some guidance. I have gathered some of these materials from different sources in the past but am embarking on a doc film and would like to have an up-to-date package of forms available, if possible.

T.L. Davis

Good question, I don't know if they are available here or not. I have pulled them from different screenwriting sites, but will be watching this thread as I'm in the same position.

Abiiba Howell

There a few great books on this page that include forms to remove and print:

You can also try YAMDU (not sure about the pricing)


Abiiba Howell

Here's an interactive resource from The Writers Store:

Abiiba Howell

Another resource that I use, for the legal end, is

Cab Bolton

I used to go to "" or "", type in the form name with the extension "PDF" or "Word Doc" (example = NDA FORM PDF / ACTOR RELEASE FORM PDF and so on and so forth. Change it to how you want it to read, then take it to an attorney. It saved me money for the attorney to amend it instead of starting from scratch. "FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT". It will not apply to all docs

Aldo Bello

Thanks for the advice Abiiba Howell and Cab Bolton !! Much appreciated.

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