Producing : Looking for a Producer for a Spec Commercial Project by Sean Kalra

Sean Kalra

Looking for a Producer for a Spec Commercial Project

Hi Guys,

I am currently based in Vancouver, Canada and work primarily in Visual Effects. I am looking for a producer locally to come on board for a spec commercial project that I wrote and want to direct. I have completed the treatment for it and have a storyboard animatic ready as well.

Since it's more of a passion project, I will be funding it myself. I wanted to reach out to the community here to know more about how can I find a producer or is there any other job posting site, that's more popular in Canada? So far I only know of craigslist as a platform where you can look for filmmakers who are local.

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks for taking a look,


Doug Nelson

Canada doesn't put out the welcome mat for us film types in the U.S. but we tend to be a little warmer and friendly to you Canadian film folk. Have you thought about coming down to Seattle or Portland?

Sean Kalra

Oh at the moment, I was looking to shoot it locally given the current situation. In the past, I have shot in Los Angeles and have had a good experience as it was easier to put the crew together.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Finding someone locally won't be a problem, in my opinion Sean Kalra. The point you'll need to clarify is what do you need your producer to do? Raise funds, breakdown your script, find a location, hire a crew, secure talent, identify distribution outlets, etc. Identifying their role will help you to better identify a quality candidate. You can absolutely post a job listing here:

Brandon J. Miller

If you need any help acting wise, I'd be happy to help as I'm in Vancouver. Be great to connect.


John Ellis

Hey, Sean Kalra, I'm not in Vancouver, but I'd still like to connect. I'm intrigued by what it takes to create an animatic.

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