Producing : Looking for advice on funding or finding a co producer. by Christopher Creech

Christopher Creech

Looking for advice on funding or finding a co producer.

Hi all, I'm new to the site, but not new to the entertainment business. I have written scripts for a couple of different projects. After much thought I decided to produces them by myself. However I have had no luck whatsoever in getting funding. Someone suggest to me that I might look to find a more experienced producer to help me by co-producing one of the projects. But I have no idea where to start looking. My question to everyone is this, because most of my experience is as a performer would it be better to find a more experienced co-producer? If so, where would be a good place to start looking? Or should I continue to find ways to fund my projects myself? (Note I have one project in particular I want to produce.)

Amanda Toney

Hi Christopher - welcome to the community! A great place to start is checking out some of our available webcasts, where we have special industry guests talk about all things - including financing/producing: More advanced information can be found in our education section: Plus, I'm sure you'll find some great mentors here on Stage 32, as well!

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

A good book on Funding your independent film is "BANKROLL" by Tom Malloy

Richard "RB" Botto

I would tell you Christopher that finding funding all begins with networking. Almost every single project I've been involved in, the money came from connections to the producers. Investors rarely through money blind. They invest in proven commodities or through the trust of those they've built relationships with. Build your network, increase your opportunities. That simple.

Dan MaxXx

my first feature, my 2 big checks Investors were a Dentist and a Real Estate Developer. Both didnt know squat about movies but they wanted to be involved, come to the movie set, mingle with Actors, feel special. Start production with your own money, then network and show people you are serious. Have an office, Casting Notices, deadlines, rehearsals, hire a Director with a reel to show Investors. Nobody wants to be the 1st Investor or bankroll the entire production. I raised enough money to finished production and then used the dailies to raise more money for Post-Production. Piece meal the entire production. Good Luck. U gotta sacrifice, gamble, and invest in yourself.

Richard "RB" Botto

That's a great post. Dan. And sure, there are those who will throw money at this biz just to be around the action, but most are certainly looking for a return.

Dan MaxXx

The return is always slow or never. Took me 3 years to pay off. Lots of months stressed, waiting and waiting. The real Winners in Show Biz are the people who can wait the longest.

Richard "RB" Botto

Patience is a common theme in this biz. No question.

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