Producing : Looking to make the Southern Time series happen by Timothy Bartsch

Timothy Bartsch

Looking to make the Southern Time series happen

Hi everyone! 'Southern Time' has been a project I've been working on since I tested HIV positive in 1996 (e.g., in 1997, I wrote my first song 'Southern Time', in 2005, I produced its first iteration as a multimedia stage production that ran for 7 nights) and I have always wanted its music and message ('All Love') to reach as many people as possible. (For years, I thought it would achieve this by being on the big screen, a series of feature-length films, but now, as online streaming has become supreme, an online streaming series with multiple seasons seems to be the way to go.) My company now has an amazing and growing (volunteering) team, but I have no money to pay them and time for the potential positive social impact of its message(s) is running out. We want to begin production no later than February of next year, so we need a distribution and production and ideally, an investment deal ASAP.

If you or anyone you know of who might be interested in working with us or investing in an arts and entertainment social innovator company (a portion of everything that we make will be donated to the Southern Time Foundation ~ its first goal to help end AIDS), please let me know!!


Follow our amazing songs from our new release Southern Time Band is a "21st Century Social Classical" soon-to-be-famous rock opera band from Canada. Over the next decade (the 2020s), you will come to…
Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Timothy Bartsch! My name is Kay Ross, I'm the Community Manager here at Stage 32. Welcome! This sounds interesting, and I love the message with it!

As a series, do you have a completed pilot already? I was looking over the logline on your bio, but it doesn't seem to describe a story, just that we should expect music, "Lead Singer of the Southern Time Band, the Rock Opera Band for the 'Southern Time Tetralogy,' it produces the best of the 21st Century Social Classical music genre." Do you also have a completed pitch and/or pitch deck?

If you'd like to practice pitching it, you should check out the Writer's Room. We host a weekly Pitch Practice Session that could really help you improve your pitch to snag interested parties. Feel free to DM me and I can send you a link for your first month free.

If you have a pilot, I would highly recommend getting a Script Consultation ( which would allow you to talk with an executive about how to appeal to executives (since you'd be getting feedback from an executive). At the very least consider Executive Coverage so you could shape up the logline ( Definitely reach out to our Director of Script Services, Jason Mirch, who is excellent at matching projects with potential executives:

Timothy Bartsch

Thank you, Karen!!! I will edit my bio and reach out to Jason Mirch, and consider a script consultation!!

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