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Pippa Hinchley

Movie pitch pro app

Hi all, is anyone using the movie pitch pro app? Can only see 1 review from when it 2st cane out, the person couldn't get it to work! But in theory it sounds amazing. Can't seen to find an update or whether it's glitch free. You basically put in as much info on your project and it will spit out the most appropriate finsnciers, production companies to point it at. I just downloaded it for free on my iPad. It's going ti take me a while to navigate but will report back if successful. Just would love to hear others' exoerience. Happy weekend , Pippa h

Amanda Toney

Hey Pippa - looks like your post got pushed down. I wanted to comment to bring it back up to the top and see if anyone here has used Movie Pitch Pro? Can you help Pippa and chime in?

Pippa Hinchley

thanks amanda! - can't find anyone though have asked at lots of places - have you guys heard of it? haven't got round to inputting on my trial yet been too busy!.

Laurie Ashbourne

I tested it when it first launched and demanded my money back from iTunes. You're right in theory, it seems like a good matching service for the industry but once you enter your information you have to pay to more (I forget what the levels are) and then they essentially try to sell you the Hollywood Creative Directory. It's a scam and doesn't offer anything you can't find out on your own.

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