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Joshua Quincey

New SAG TV Project

I've got a great cast with known actors. I have good scripts and really talented post production people... now I need money. Honestly, I've never been this far into a project without finding before, but everyone is on board, I just need to be able to pay them. The plan is to shoot the pilot and shop it around so I don't need the entire season funded just the pilot (unless of course you'd like to fund the whole thing. I mean... I'm not going to say no.) Anyone have any suggestions?

Dan MaxXx

If you have known SAG Actors, they have Professional Reps who could advise you what to do and not to do.

As for funding, pool your $$$ together or credit card the pilot. Don't need much to showcase.

Joshua Quincey

I do have sag actors but this is a direct booking. No reps or agents. I'm trying my best not to do this on credit. but it may come to that... Thanks Dan!

Chad Stroman

Tough situation to be in. Funding is a hard hurdle to overcome. I wish you luck as I don't have any tricks or ideas to help at this point.

D Marcus

With known actors you could try crowdfunding. They have fans who may be willing to donate some money.

Rana Davis

Have you looked into trying to bring on a Producing Partner? You'll have to give away a huge chunk of the profits and maybe even some control of the property, but you can get it done. The question is do you want to get it made, or do you want to make it?

Shawn Speake

Just thoughts... only trying to provide insight to your situation with my real world experience. All we need is one champion of our work with money. Over the last six months, I've found FUNDING IS EASY WITH A SOLID SCRIPT. When story is right, it's like a magnet. Money comes. This is not what I heard. This I know. In our backers meetings, we don't negotiate. We toss pages on the table. After they're sold on the engaging and entertaining read... it's what do you need? I shake hands, go back to the lab, and on to the next one, while Pookie talks details of investment. We've got funding for everything from our upcoming premiere of our short, to ten g on our next Feature. Maybe money isn't issue. Just how 'good' is your script? Your story craft? Are you a leader with a clear vision, or just another guy with a project? Just food for thought

Shawn Speake

If you're willing to shoot me page one, I'll give it a look. One page is all I need. At BIG BOSS FILMS, we have a HOLLYWOOD Producer looking for tv series right now. (Our focus is Features.) I've already looked at a few scripts from S32, but the storycraft isn't pro level. I've got standards I must uphold for my connects, or else they'll lose respect for me. I can't approach them with anything less than excellence. Money and connects aren't an issue at BBF. We can't write fast enough. I could have your script in her hands in two phone calls. Just another thought. Only trying to help.

Joshua Quincey

Shawn Speake I would be happy to send you some info. I would rather do it in a more controlled setting. Can I send it to an email address?

Shawn Speake

That's what's up, Joshua. Sure thing. I'm only here to help. I've learned whether it's an acting audition, or a pitch, the Execs on the other end want us to be their answer, so they can move on with other things. If you're story is great, my girl loves it, BIG BOSS FILMS is her new hero and she knows she can turn to us again. That's how it works. theshawnspeake@gmail. .... A strong One Page at this point would be sweet.

Joshua Quincey

Thanks Shawn. Let me check with My Exec Producer. He has a good thumb on this.

Shawn Speake

No worries, my man. Helping others is what I do. Always here for you.

Egypt Reale

Joshua, take all your documents and your film packet to the next film market as a seller. Do your pitch. If you've got all of this lined up - there is a great chance you will find your funder. :)

Joe Spampinato

Send me the budget and synopsis

Jonathan Roberts

Hi Joshua, can you msg me with how much you are needing

Joshua Quincey

Shawn Speake Did you get my email?

Shawn Speake

Yes, I did. just needed to think on it. I'll send you an email tomorrow, my man.

Joshua Quincey


Shawn Speake

Hey, Joshua! Sent you a PM, bro. Hope it helps. Be in touch

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

If its a SAG project, you need much more than to pay them... Frankly, there is no mileage for a producer to go SAG unless you are in at least the the millions of dollars for your budget...

Joshua Quincey

Shadow, thanks for your feedback. Although there is no mileage for the producers, there is for the actors. My Executive Producer is a big proponent for treating cast and crew as well as the can. A way we do that is by making sure that we make this a SAG project. Secondly (and probably more importantly from a certain perspective) we have well known names that have given us a verbal yes under the condition that it is a SAG project. Otherwise they can't do it - for obvious reasons. So do we have millions? No. Should a producer wait for millions to do what is right for his actors and project overall. No.

That being said. We could shoot without a SAG contract and reshoot once it sells to a network, but let's be honest. Does anyone really want to shoot the same thing twice?

Shawn Speake

There are many benefits to being SAG, and your budget can be a low as a few grand.

Jo Henriquez

I agree with Shawn on this one -- I've produced films as los as $50K and I always, always sign with SAG. They drive me crazy sometimes, but all-in-all, you just get better actors, and I think you get taken more seriously.

Jo Henriquez


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