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Jerad Little

Producer Looking For Screenplays

I'm looking to produce a no budget film preferably under $3000 with regards to great characters, story and imagination. This can be a full length, short film or even animation. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Art Thomas

Happy New Year. The U.K. film Colin was reportedly done for $100 and it got distribution. It can be done but if this is your first film, I might suggest connecting with an established production company; collaborate on a project that has the marketable elements and use that as your foundation for your next project. If interested in working on an exciting project, see I also co-produced a low-budget film that Lionsgate is distributing. Good luck with your project. Let us know if we can help. Art Thomas

Jerad Little

Thanks for the advice! I will be sure to keep track of any projects from mainmanfilms that I feel I could contribute to. Also, is there any way to view the short film you've written "Therapy"? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Allen Wayne Ray Jr.

Greetings, my film DeadBeats, in my project & logline section, is a full length insanely hilarious block comedy, low budget, high concept, with crazy characters. Please take a glance. Grid Mark Films.

Muriel Campbell

I'd suggest that you try writing the script don't have to pay yourself...but if that's not something you want to do have you posted to both and ..often you can find young kids out of college looking to put something on their reel who will do it for little or even no money. Break a leg!

Jerad Little

Thanks for the advice Muriel! I actually wrote a script that I was very close to filming and producing but a bad turn of events rendered it an impossibility at the moment. I'm now very interested in other people's ideas and projects and hopefully will find something of value to collaborate on.

Jerad Little

Allen, do you have a link I could visit so I could check out your project? Thanks.

Rik Carter

Allen, I'd like to see the script for DeadBeats. No worry, Jerad, you get first dibs.

Muriel Campbell

I wish you success.

Muriel Campbell

If you feel like it please check out my webseries Pink Slip at the Pink Slip website

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