Producing : Producers, Filmmakers & TV makers - Let's talk Netflix! Stage 32 + Netflix TV Pitching Webinar by Amanda Toney

Amanda Toney

Producers, Filmmakers & TV makers - Let's talk Netflix! Stage 32 + Netflix TV Pitching Webinar

Welcome everyone! Would love to hear your comments and thoughts in real time about the Stage 32 Netflix pitching webinar....sound off!

Michael D. Stern

Great to be here!

Ron Newcomb

What a great opportunity! Way to go S32!

Mitch Faatz

Hey all!

Conrad Weaver

Hi everyone... has anyone else had trouble logging into this page?

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hello, all! My name is Kay Ross, I'm the Community Manager here at Stage32. Welcome!

Santiago Tamagnone

Conrad Weaver I think the stage32 website crashed due to the volume of people

Nancy McBride

Hello From Florida!

Kc Hughes

Hey all

Kamran Khan

Hello fellow filmmakers/TV makers/Producers!

Eugene Mandelcorn

I am Eugene Mandelcorn, a Producer/Writer. I ran an International Organization of Filmmakers for 20 years and a Sales & Marketing Company that sold films around the world for 11 years. I am presently involved in putting together an International Studio Without Borders or Walls. We are looking for talent above and below the line. You can reach us at

Adam Feinsilver

Ahhh! Stage32 is back up!

Arun K Vir

Hey'all from Los Angeles, screenwriter in feature, tv space, with producing background.. @ArunKVir

Andrew Griffin

Hi everyone. Good evening fromthe UK!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Conrad Weaver! Yeah, just a little technical difficulty, but we're back up!

Jeff Boulton

Hello, everyone! Joining the session from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Linda Wright

Hi, everyone, apparently no one really went into the writing room, looks like everyone is here. Looking to connect with fellow TV writers (dramas) who love family programming.

Ronnie Garcera Bugay

Hey all!

Martin Gooch

Hi all,

Stephanie Mazzeo

Executive Producer here for Blindogg Productions in pre-production of the Unfinished Business [the TV series] Finally got into Stage 32 here. Bit of a backlog I guess on the servers. Glad to be in on the webinar.

Cindy Myskiw

hello from Manitoba Canada

David Haverty

yay... we;re back!

Derek Parsons

Phew! That took a lot of getting in! Hi Everyone.

Kate Rees Davies

Hi everyone, I'm Kate a director, producer. I also teach Directing at UCLA and also my own Diversity Director Workshop which I launched last year. Our participants Films just got into it's 9th Film Festival. During the Pandemic I've been blessed with the time to work and develop 2 TV shows. One about Marilyn Monroe and the other about Former Slave Biddy Mason. So good to connect here and THANK YOU RB & Amanda for hosting this and all the amazing events you do :)

Roos Van Der Jagt

Hey fellows! I am in the Netherlands.I think this is interesting...

Renee Buck

Yay! Finally got in. Friendly hello from Hollywood!

Jack Stockley

Great w-shop! hi everyone! happy to connect :)

Marissa Vonn

Hi from LA! Stoked to see we momentarily broke Stage 32 with everyone trying to hop on. Excited to meet y'all. I'm a director/writer/producer currently in post for my latest short.

Santiago Tamagnone

I have to refresh the page all the time to see new messages :(

Jessica Toucoula

Hello there! I'm a fantasy author who's adapting her book into an animated series! Nice to meet everyone!

Lisa Liz Long - (sag-aftra)

Hi Everyone. Happy to be here. Thank you for sharing.

Gerald Tookes

Hello everyone!

Denise Pendleton

Can someone explain why I don't see nor hear the this session

Saulo Aroca

Oh, yay, the link finally worked!

Hello everyone,

Thanks to Stage32 for this amazing learning chance!

I'm a director/screenwriter based in Seoul, South Korea. Let's connect

Jack Binder

Hey Amanda! Loving it. Thank you!

Claire Hennessy

Hello, lovely to meet everyone :)

George V.K.

I was chatting with myself in the zoom chat all this time.

George V.K.

Lovely to meet everyone. Good to be here.

Charlotte Robinson

Wow 20,000 ppls :) Hi All

Denise Pendleton


Karen "Kay" Ross

So glad to see so many people here! Yes, this is a forum-based platform, so after you comment, you may need to reload the page to see new comments. Don't forget to add members to your network by clicking on the PLUS symbol on their profile icon!

Judi Bell

Hi! I'm glad this is working! I'm a Producer & Line Producer with 3 decades of diverse crew experience. This seminar is great!

Jesus Sifuentes

Hello Everyone! Film Producer out of San Antonio, Texas! What's y'alls 20?

Cindy Myskiw

excited to be here

Santiago Tamagnone

George V.K. I added you cause I related too hard with your comment hahah. Feeling alone in a 20000 people sea

Miranda Spigener-Sapon

Hi guys I’m a Writer/Director, Exec Producer and a Showrunner. No matter how much experience we have. We are always learning more. These zoom calls are an amazing chance to keep learning and understanding our industry! :-)

Mr Robot

Hello Everyone!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Denise Pendleton - did you register for the webinar? Once registered, you will get a link.

Roos Van Der Jagt

I want to have this presentation from Chris Mack can you please e-mail it or post it here Amanda Toney Thank you

Warren Gray

hi everyone

Eugene Mandelcorn

My purpose is to change the world for the better. My vehicle to reach my goal is the entertainment industry. A wise man once said the people who are crazy enough to think they can change to world are the one's who do.

Normann Pokorny

Hey All! It's a good presentation so far! Hello from Chicago....

Pete Tomkies

Hi, I am a film maker from Manchester, UK. Thank you to Stage 32 for putting together a great seminar.

Los Angeles Barea

Hi everyone

Aryana Joy Roberts

Hello from the Bahamas! Glad to be here. Learning so much

Karen "Kay" Ross

So glad to see so many new members! Just a friendly reminder - your profile name must be the full name of the individual on the account. No handles or company names are allowed as Stage32 is all about creating a safe and transparent space. Thank you!

Kasim Saul

Excellent stuff

Michelle Dionne Wardlaw

Hi everybody!

Candace Odili

Thanks, Stage 32 for the great workshop!

Michelle Dionne Wardlaw

Loving this webinar. So grateful for the opportunity to learn this valuable information from Mr. Mack!

Rey Godoy

This information is priceless...!

Nathan Aaron

Hello everyone. Video editor and shooter here. Worked on Cocaine Cowboys: Los Muchachos and I'm looking to provide value to your next project. Follow me on instagram @nathanscamera.

Brian Herskowitz

Hello all! Does anyone know if the slides that Christopher is presenting will be available to us offline?

Stephanie Clayton

Hi from Vancouver, Canada! I'm a Producer/Line Producer and loving this webinar, so informative. Thanks Stage 32!

Kamran Khan

on the reference point he just mentioned, if anyone hasn't checked out ShotDeck, I highly reccomend it. (not affiliated, just a fan)

Aleza D'Agostino

Hi all! Happy to be here - originally from San Francisco, but now producing in Austin, TX! Big thanks to Stage32 for putting this together!

Scot Byrd

Greetings from Austin TX - Writer Producer.

Marci Urling

Hi People here from LA! Glad to be here. I'm a hyphen. Producer/actor/writer with a legal background. Glad to be here!!

Derek Parsons

Not the only one, Marci!

GB McGavin

Howdy from So Cal. - Writer/Producer.

Swain Fuller

Great information!

Aaryn James

Hello to everyone here!! This is so amazing, learning so much. INCREDBLE!!!

Gabriel Vergara

Hey y'all I'm from Orlando, but just moved to Atlanta a few weeks ago! Loving the webinar so far!

Swain Fuller


Chris Boardman

very good presentation... thank you

Charlotte Robinson

Hey From Boston :)

Jon Schiefer

This stuff is GOLD!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Great question, Brian Herskowitz! Typically, as part of the re-play, the presentation will be available via PDF. Look for a follow-up email after this is wrapped saying that the recording is available for viewing!

Miyuki Sohara

Hi, from LA. I am Japanese Producer, Director, TV , Radio Host and Actress. Nice to meet you!

Drakeo Horton

Awesome and very informative.

Matt Waldram

Ey up, me ducks. Watching from the UK

Paul Martin

Hi from the Uk

Shari B. Ellis

Hello! I write adult animation comedy, currently producing a two-minute proof-of-concept. In LA, originally from Chicago.

Adrián López

Hello from Mexico, I am documentary producer and curator for Guanajuato International Film Festival, glad to be here!

Harri-Pekka Virkki

Oh man! This is so professional! Pure Diamond! Thanks so much Stage 32!

Jon Schiefer

I'm a writer/director from Southern California. I made a feature called ALGORITHM (12.5m views).

TG Herrington

Hiya from New Orleans... Writer/Director

Arati Misro

This is awesome. Thanks for organizing.

Sash Andranikian

Writer-Director from New York here. Good to meet you all!

Story Tiles Media

Hi All, this has been really great..

Uriah Herr

Hey there everyone! I'm a Director/Producer from Los Angeles.

Derek Johnson

Hey All! been in the chat on zoom. Great talk!

Julie Bruns

Hello all! Writer/director/actor based in Vancouver getting inspired by the webinar and also the this community! :)

Matt Waldram

This has been great for confirming to me that I'm already amazing at writing pitch documents. cough cough

Matt Waldram

(Hi, sometimes I pretend I have any confidence in myself at all when the reality is GOD NO)

Rich Frost

Hello from just outside Boston! Producer - film, theatre, and way, way too many operas.

Pamela Murphy

Chris is a great educator and provides insightful tips for pitching Netflix but anywhere!

Marya L Mazor

Hello! I am theatre & film director and writer living in Los Angeles. Http://

Karen "Kay" Ross

So excited to see so many international participants! Also, would love to know what the Netflix series is that you mentioned to Christopher - I said The Queen's Gambit and On My Block.

Patience Okhuofu

Hi everyone. Director/Producer/Cinematographer. I am based in New Jersey.

Matt Waldram

Karen - I'm really enjoying Lacasa de Papel ("Money Heist") at the moment.

Kamran Khan

Fantastic information and amazing examples given! And you can find a lot of other examples of pitches and bibles online, john august has a number of his site (easy to google and find). and you can find the original Breaking Bad pitch from Vince and how it grew and changed over its life.

Matt Waldram

ha... and now he mentions it.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Wahoo! 5 minute break!

Joe Thornton

Okay I'm sitting on the zoom login page with no passcode... what happened?

Aleshah Brown

Hi everyone! I am a teen actress, writer, and filmmaker! I'm so grateful to be learning all of this amazing information! You can get to know me on Instagram @aleshahbrown !!

Neil Watson

Happy to be here.. great seminar

Neil Watson

Writer Director and Camera'

Karen "Kay" Ross

Just to confirm - on the Q&A from the Zoom Webinar, Harrison says, "We'll have the recording of this entire presentation including the PowerPoint available to rewatch later through your Stage 32 account." So, once logged in, hover over the Education tab at the top of the page, select "My Education", and you should see all the webinars you've registered for. Click this one, and it will take you to the recording and supporting material (once available).

Cynthia Palormo

Hello from Portland, Oregon. Enjoying this webinar as I am a nonfiction producer developing scripted material for limited series. Excited to dive deeper into Stage 32 community & making new connections on a global scale.

Adrián Pastrana

Hola! Im a mexican filmmaker (director, scriptdoctor, showrunner, producer) and the singer from the punk eclectical orchestra DRAMA QUEERS! If you want new music for 2021, here's a gift as a pleased to meet you note:

The psychological thrilling musical videos are done by our production company. MAYBE WE CAN JOIN SUPER POWERS (we have edgy violent, dark humor, queer films and series):

Karen "Kay" Ross

My bad - Amanda just said no PowerPoint, but yes, the recording will be available.

Edgar Ribon

We broke Stage 32 temporarily. Just a question- Who here is currently repped as a writer (manager/ agent)?

Santiago Tamagnone

Is he not sharing his screen anymore?

Karen "Kay" Ross

And... we're back! Great question, Edgar Ribon! Do you have a question about being repped? I would say to post that question in the Screenwriting Lounge here: Or are you looking for a writer? You could post a job listing here:

Matt Salem

This has been a great resource already for those of us who make pitch documents. I now know where I went wrong with my previous ones and what to expand on in the future.

Pete Tomkies

Santiago Tamagnone I can still see it. Maybe try refreshing your feed?

Pete Tomkies

Who is here from the UK? Apart from me :-)

Kamran Khan

in fun contrast to this solid method, google "Story diamond" for a prime example of his prior slide, i.e. turning story into math. :)

Andrew Dymond

Hello all, CEO from a UK production company making diverse content from award winning natural history docos, feature films and Tv series. Love to network. Peace all :)

Kacee DeMasi

Thank you Amanda Toney for posting the links

Karen "Kay" Ross

That's so great to hear, Matt Salem! Pete Tomkies - You can also start a post in the Producing Lounge asking to connect with others in the UK:

Pete Tomkies

Thanks Karen "Kay" Ross :-)

Karen "Kay" Ross

You are most welcome, Pete Tomkies!

Jill Bugbee

I like how Christopher is breaking down how each TV season is like a Feature Film!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Jill Bugbee - Agreed! It really puts a "season arc" into sharp focus!

Aliyah Mitchell

Jill Bugbee Yes, this really helps me think about what each episode could feel like and should accomplish.

Cindy Myskiw

I am blown away with all this fabulous info.

Normann Pokorny

Talking about the collaboration!! This brings it home that a lot of people don't consider....

Aliyah Mitchell

And really enjoying the idea of coming back to the blank page.

Jennifer Pirante

This was an amazing workshop!

Kasim Saul

Fantastic. Thank you so much

Los Angeles Barea

Amazing presentation..thank you

Siona Van Dijk

Hi all. Producer in Los Angeles, CA; background is in independent film but I recently acquired the rights to a brilliant series (STATE CHASER) that I'm excited to bring to the market. Such a joy to be here; such a pleasure to meet you all.

Oscar Graterol


Ana Lydia Monaco

Hi everyone from Los Angeles. Great webinar! Anyone inspired to write a new pilot?

Santiago Tamagnone

What a great workshop!

Oscar Graterol

The show Your Honor hits all the spots of the heroe’s journey

Lisa Liz Long - (sag-aftra)

Christopher Mack is an amazing instructor! Thank you, SO MUCH.

Jill Bugbee

In the Season Summaries section of the Pitch Document, how many seasons should we explore and outline?

Oscar Graterol

What is the best way to get in to pitch a show?

Patrick Rodgers

Incredible webinar! Best one i've seen in a while :)

Aliyah Mitchell

Lupin is great. Waiting excitedly to see what happens next. This show not to be confused with Lupin III which was a great show, but not the same =}

Rebekah Renford

Great! How do I find an agent?! hah

Keni Fine

Very informative and great presentation! Kudos!

Bragi Thor Hinriksson

This was an amazing webinar! Love to network from Iceland with love you guys.

Oscar Graterol

I went to film school and this webinar has taught me more in a couple of hours than 4 years of attending classes. So practical and insughtful!

Jenifer Vine/Jinna Dennis

What does it take to get a Korean/Chinese drama onto Netflix? Does the script have to be in English or the native language?

Edward Grey

Anyone want to get in touch about a really great funny, heartfelt, LGBT digital series I'm working on about a Singing Telegram performer in New York? We're looking for a producer(s). Hit me up and we can start a conversation!

Janine Albrecht

Thank you! Christopher Mack is a wealth of knowledge. The slide presentation was a bible in itself to the writing process and pitching Netflix.

Edward Grey
Diego Barraza

Nice one, very informative. Thanks!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Edward Grey! Be sure to add the logline for this project on your profile so visiting members can give you feedback and inquire about it further!

JayaPrakash Telangana

Thank you Stage 32, Chris this gave a lot of clarity

Cybil Pallugna-Saenz

This was such a great workshop! Very informative and motivating. Was able to understand what was explained easily and I was engaged the whole time. Thank you for offering this!

Karen "Kay" Ross

As a follow-up, if any other members are looking to connect with producers, other than networking on the platform (your profile, posting, commenting, direct messaging - always free!), you can also pitch directly to executives:

BONUS: one of the best benefits of Stage32 is CHOOSING who reads your script, whether for script coverage ( which gives you written notes or script consulting ( which gives you a one-on-one call for feedback. This is a fantastic value to get that feedback since a typical "Hollywood Meeting" to pitch your script would just give you a "no" or a "tell me more".

Also, ANY script that gets a double recommendation on coverage (recommend the writer and the script) will be added to our monthly LookBook that is circulated to all our executives! What a Win-Win! You get feedback and the opportunity to reach industry executives!

Steffany Lohn Sommers

Comprehensive, covered a lot of ground and provided helpful direction, thank you :)

Tinashe H Musadavira

Wow! Tones of useful information,

Antonella Piazzolla

Very useful information! Thanks a lot for this opportunity!

Jason Parker

Such a wealth of advice from Chris - loved every minute of it!

Martha Cotton

This was so so good. Thank you!

Pietro Barana

Thanks. Waiting for a feature film pitching webinar

Normann Pokorny

Thanks, Karen


Chris Chew

Amazing webinar! Thanks so much for the great insights, Chris, and big thanks to the Stage 32 team for making this presentation available to us all!

Oscar Graterol

Thank you!!

Oscar Graterol

I love Holland! Great place and people!

Jennifer Schense

Thanks so much!

Gayle Kirschenbaum

This was excellent. I studied in the 90s with Robert McKee. Chris did a great job.

Oscar Graterol

I am a fan of the soccer team! Legends

Gayle Kirschenbaum

Would love to collaborate

Edward Grey

Thanks, Karen "Kay" Ross - all done!

Aaryn James

This was amazing!! I am a total newbie to this insudtry, Im currently going through a change in careers and this has been so illuminating and informative!! All the best from the UK!!

Heather Carson

Really great! So appreciate this opportunity!

Shanra Jean Kehl

That was like a live Master Class!! Thank you!!

Jackie Quinones

This was wonderful! So informative. Thank you!

Kate Rees Davies

This was so awesome and to anyone who wants to learn the art of becoming a Director and a better storyteller my next "Directors Chair 50/50 inclusion workshop begins on Zoom, March 1st. DM me or email: for more information. So far this year we have films at 9 Film Festivals and these directors had NEVER directed before!

Los Angeles Barea

Amazing ... super grateful of been able to participate...Thank you a lot of amazing tips...

Luis Castellanos

All I can say is WOW! Thank you Chris

Los Angeles Barea

Being I meant

Jack Binder

Amazing! So much useful information! Thank you Amanda, RB & Chris. Check it out if you haven't!

Nomfanelo Moloi

Chris Mack did a fantastic job presenting the webinar :)

Michael Geidel

Yeah that was quite neat and helpful

Vital Butinar

Hi guys my name is Vital and I'm from Slovenia. I had some problems getting on Stage32 before but I just wanted to say that it was a great webinar and I learned a lot and even got inspired to add some important information to the pitch that I'm working on for a TV series.

Divinity Rose

This was a superb seminar! I'm a (smalltime) award winning comedy performer, published writer and indie producer with a love for humor, the supernatural and the mysterious and a keen interest in interactive entertainment. I use my experiences with 10 different childhood families and childhood trauma plus varied life experience as a journalist/performer/producer to weave together tales related to identity, redemption, spirituality, self awareness. I've gained my industry experience by producing my own writing for live shows, commercial projects, publications and web series plus working as freelance crew in Kentucky on various projects for individual clients and networks like ESPN, Discovery, and ABC. I wanted to move away from the spotlight and in 2019, I turned my focus to pilot writing, which led to an exciting first year as a finalist for prestigious writing fellowships like Sundance Episodic Labs, Imagine Impact and a semi-finalist for the Disney/ABC Writer's Fellowship - through the process, I learned so much about being a better storyteller in all avenues. I'd love to connect, I love to learn and meet new people!

Next steps - beginning to approach representation and mentorship.

Richard "RB" Botto

HUGE thank you to all who attended and those who shared the word on social media! Please continue to do so and to tag us at @stage32 and @RBwalksintoabar so we can give you credit! And, of course, if you received value today (and how could you not), please invite others to our (and it is all of ours) community! The more creatives, the stronger the more opportunity. And the more opportunity, the more success stories.

And, of course, all respect and love to Chris for absolutely knocking the cover off the ball with that presentation and doing so with such positive energy and love. That's what it's all about - selflessness, collaboration, and one love.

So great to meet so many of you! Can't wait to get to know you all more. Cheers!

Athina Kefalopoulou

Thank you Stage32 for this talk (tuned in from Greece)! It was really helpful, informative and inspiring to hear from a Netflix "pillar" and get insights into the process. Thank you also for offering this for free and making it accessible to all - amazing!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Pietro Barana - We have a previous webinar about how Netflix works with filmmakers: Definitely worth checking out!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Thank you Richard "RB" Botto, Amanda Toney , Christopher Mack, and the rest of my Stage32 Team for making this event possible! So energizing, so inspiring! Paying it forward right now! * long-distance high-five *

Karen "Kay" Ross

Whew! SO many new faces! WELCOME, ALL! If you are new to the lounges, you can comment for all to see at the bottom of the thread, add an AT symbol in order to address your response to someone specific, or direct message any member to follow up on a question by clicking on their profile icon.

Thanks so much for the love! We love providing actionable information, so... what's one thing you'll be doing now that you've seen this webinar?

Amanda Toney

Well, that was fun! Thrilled with the amount of insightful comments we received and absolutely loved that we had people turning in from over 160 countries! It's been my honor for the last 10 years putting together Stage 32's unparalleled education. I know some people weren't able to get the links I gave during the webinar so you can check them out here:

Don't hesitate to send me a DM if you ever need suggestions on what to take!

Harrison Glaser

Hey everyone! I'm the Education Director here at Stage 32 and am SO grateful you all joined us today. Wasn't Chris freaking great? I learned so much and now I want to watch Breaking Bad all over again (if I can find the emotional strength).

If you liked the education you saw today, we have A LOT more where that came from. Over 1500 hours of valuable education on all aspects of film, TV and new media, and content for beginners all the way to experts in the field (Oscar and Emmy award winners take advantage of this stuff too).

Reach out to me at any time! I'm always happy to help or point you in the right direction of the right education for you. You can always reach me at


Kamran Khan

Thank you so much to the whole Stage 32 team and Christopher Mack for giving so much of his time and knowledge! Would be great to connect with anyone and looking to talk shop on pitching.

Jorge Abreu Jr.

Very informative and insightful!! Thank you very much!!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Kamran Khan! We often talk about pitching in the Screenwriting Lounge ( and the Producing Lounge ( Definitely jump in with a conversation-starting question to meet like-minded creatives! Also, you can scroll through the different posts and comment to mix and mingle.

Keep in mind that these lounges are like the VIP Filmmaker's Lounges at Film Festivals, so this is where you can meet the people doing the work, get advice on anything you're working on, and/or give back to those who may need advice. We're a very supportive and encouraging community! I think you'd also enjoy my intro blog post on how to engage with the Stage32 Community:

Richard "RB" Botto

Highly recommend going down this list and the one in the Producing Lounge and hit the + button on every profile pic. Everyone here attended the webcast and posted here. That means their like-minded and serious like you about their pursuits and goals. Great way to power network!

Rebecca Ann Bentley

Will this be available anywhere to watch? I live in Australia and had to miss it because I worked til a few hours before it started (my time). So keen to see it!

Taylor C. Baker

So excited to meet all the new members! I am feeling INSPIRED after Christopher Mack's amazing workshop!

Taylor C. Baker

Hello and welcome to our new members! We have so much more amazing, helpful, and inspiring resources on the Stage 32 blog! - if anyone is interested in writing a blog for the Stage 32 community, you can email me at

Alicia LaDawn

My manager called me towards the end of the call. Will the PowerPoint presentation be posted anywhere? Does anyone know :-)

Ps. Hiiiiiii I’m Alicia. Happy to be apart of the Stage 32 family!

D Antione Dixon

this was an awesome webinar! I know I will be watching and rewatching as I produce the series that I already have in production.

Richard Fricker

I am a bit late to the discussion, because being based in Sydney Australia I went straight from the webinar into work.

I got in front of my computer at 5:50 a.m. to be ready for this webinar and it was worth it.

I want to join the others in saying Chris Mack was excellent. All solid information.

A big thanks to everyone involved in getting this together. I appreciate the effort involved.

Janice Carlberg

I had to leave and would like to watch it. Where and when can I see it?

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Alicia LaDawn! No worries, the recording will be made available in the next couple of days (not the PDF, though). Just hover at the Education tab at the top, then click on My Education, and it will take you to your purchased webinars/labs, and you should see the link for this one (once available).

Karen "Kay" Ross

Wow, 5:50am is dedication, Richard Fricker! I love it! Thanks for joining us!

Karen "Kay" Ross

So glad to have more and more members stop in and add to this thread - WELCOME, ALL!

If you'd like to introduce yourselves, say a little about what you do, what you'd like to be doing, and who you'd like to meet, then I warmly invite you to post in the Introduce Yourself Lounge!

Don't forget, after you post, scroll through the lounge, and read and respond to others' posts as well! It's the best way to really connect!

Patrick Rodgers

Hi — So I've looked in the 'My Education' bin and hadn't seen the pitching webinar recording/link. Does anyone know why this is or have it in theirs?

Ingrid Moss

What an outstanding webinar yesterday, huh? I'm a writer | producer| director in Los Angeles, CA. Hope to see you around and perhaps work with you someday.

Stephane Verzi

What a great webinar that was.. Thank you for all the valuable information.

Izzibella Beau

The webinar was amazing. Thank you so much.

Carlos Blumberg DeMenezes

Is it available?

George Strayton

Fantastic webinar! I got so much valuable information about pitching to and working with Netflix (even more than I got from working on a Netflix series)! Thank you Chris Mack and Stage 32!

Ronnie Garcera Bugay

Thank you so much to Stage 32 team especially to Christopher Mack for his time and knowledge.

Wayne Jarman

My appreciation to Christopher Mack, Richard "RB" Botto , Amanda Toney , Karen "Kay" Ross, and all of the Stage32 Team for this brilliant webinar. I was there 'on the day' but I am very, very late to this thread. I have, however, taken RB's advice and clicked on a heap of + symbols with the aim of networking with a lot of serious, professional, Creative people. Wishing you, all, every success.

John Ellis

Having watched the webinar, and re-watched and re-watched - there's so much great stuff here - two things continue to pop out.

In the Section 6 (season summaries) detail, I'm still not clear if this section should cover just the first season or continue on with broadstrokes for subsequent seasons. Can someone answer this?

Second, other than a brief mention in the beginning, Section 7, potential episodes, this section was never expanded on. Did I miss something? Was there a discussion I missed? If there was more info on this section, I'd like to get it.

Denzil Meyers

super useful and interesting. thanks.

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