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Melissa Butler

Producing & Funding

Hello All, I have several projects that I’m working dillegently on. I’m still pretty new to producing and so far I’ve used my on funds for projects. What resources do you guys use to promote and raise funds for indie projects. Thanks

Dan MaxXx

credit cards. You gotta believe this is your career, your destiny and you will make $$ and pay back everyone.

Doug Nelson

I agree with Dan M - you believe in your project, or you don't.

Sam Borowski

Playing off of what both Dan and Doug said, I believe you'll find once you INVEST in YOURSELF, both money, time, connections, you will find that others will also. This happened for me. I have spent tons not only on my own projects, but on getting one major Indie Director - about 15 years ago - to do a budget for one of my features, on workshops, etc, etc. Eventually I got to a place where I found venture capitalists and Angel Investors. But, it didn't happen overnight. Along the way, as I had some of my scripts optioned, and I made friends with people at studios, distributors, also editors and others, I began to make friends with both A list and character actors. Those connections proved invaluable over the years. When other people gave reasons why you can't make a movie, I gave reasons why you CAN! But, it all started with me investing in myself, my career and my projects. Hope this both inspires and helps! GOD BLESS and STAY FRESH! ;)

Ryan McCoy

Melissa...I can offer some REAL advice if you’d like instead of motivational crap that has been replied on here. I can send you a sample deck for your project that you can use and then offer suggestions on where to take it to potential investors, etc. The creative is also the variable, so I could take a look at the script for you as well. Shoot me a message on S32 or you can email me at: I wish you all the best!

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