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Producing : Producing help by Mike White

Mike White

Producing help

I am very new to the film biz. I went to film school in Boston but when I was in school I focused a lot of my attention on becoming a lighting technician and/or where ever I could fit in to help out. Over the last 20 or so years I have been writing a script with the hopes of one day making it into a feature film. I tried to make it as my final project in film school but I was told “It’s a good script but, it’s a little much for the student level.” I’ve always gone by the old adage “Go big or go home!!” My issue now is, I’ve been out of school for almost 10 years and a lot of what I was taught on the pre-production side has been forgotten or the rules have changed or.......whatever. I guess my question is what do I need to do to get my film rolling? Better yet, I am in the MD/DC area. Is there anyone looking for a producing credit that wants to help get this thing off the ground? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Amanda Toney

Best of luck to you, Mike. Stage 32 has some great webinars that you should take a look at- will really help you get up to date on everything. Also, if you're looking for a producer to help you at, check out the JOBS section in which there are paid and non-paid jobs for all aspects of the industry. Hope that helps!

Mike White

Thank you Shannon. I didn't even think to post in the job section. Thanks for the heads up!!!

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

What to do depends on what you've got. [ How's that for stating the obvious? :) ] Seriously, it sounds as if you have a project which will take some financial 'muscle' to get going. So perhaps you want to submit to prodcos that have done films with genre and budget similar to your script. To do that, you can look at outlets on line which offer a chance to pitch to prodcos. You will need a log line and synopsis for your script. For example, Stage 32. :) Or InkTip has a free newsletter and also a 'pay as you go' newsletter to put you in touch with prodcos. (I hope the Stage 32 guys don;t mind my mentioning them. Most people I know have been happy with them.) Or perhaps submit your script to contests first. Or perhaps an evaluation of the script. Or... It really depends on what you've got.

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