Producing : Seeking Producer/Showrunner to attach to Sci-fi series "The Aether" by Robert Russo

Robert Russo

Seeking Producer/Showrunner to attach to Sci-fi series "The Aether"

Greetings. I've spoken with a financier that was interested in The Aether but they would not read the script unless it had an attached producer/showrunner and line producer that could get the show on a streaming service or network and present a budget sheet. Maybe this is the naïve writer here, but I hope to find some sci-fi lovers here who would review The Aether pitch/script, and if they love it, join me in trying to get it made.

Nutshell: Stargate meets Raiders of the Lost Ark

"An eccentric billionaire, a psychic girl, and a clone of Nikola Tesla face off against a Nazi Occult group to uncover UFO mysteries and save the world from an impending cataclysm."

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Robert - if you're hiring, you can post a listing on the Job Board here:

Otherwise, definitely reach out to our Director of Script Services, Jason Mirch, who is excellent at matching projects with potential executives (or producers, in your case):

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

DM me here. On Demand Global and Facet. TV (see and for info) just launched and we are looking for content to rep and stream. There might be some synergy.

Robert Russo

Thank you for reaching out. I will contact you today.

Christiane Lange

If you have a producer who can sell to Netflix, then you don't need the financier.

Robert Russo

I believe you Christiane. I just dont know any haha.

Pidge Jobst

Isn't it interesting, that by the time you find your showrunner who has a real first-look or overall deal with a major studio or distribution network, you may not need the investor's funds? Mid-sized production companies might find the incubator/matching/or Round A. monies attractive; larger studios have plenty and may rather maintain the overall IP. Networks may script-buy from you. But alas, there is no set formula. Aside from these merry-go-round variances, your logline is strong in our view. We hope it gets read.

Christiane Lange

Robert Russo I hear you :D Just saying, be cautious with the financier and do some checking.

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