Producing : Short Film with multi-award winning Script by Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas

Short Film with multi-award winning Script

Seeking funding - have one third funding in place.

Tasha Lewis

I can recommend several sources. Stage 32 . For additional sources, you can reach out to me for the information.

Dave Thomas

Tasha Lewis Thank you very much for that. I am extremely interested in learning more.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Dave Thomas! Are you also doing any crowdfunding? Do you have a website for the film or a pitch deck? I would highly recommend posting your promotional info on the Your Stage Lounge:

Dave Thomas

Thank you Karen "Kay" Ross I really appreciate that. Dave

John Ellis

Find a way to make it with the funding you've got.

Dave Thomas

John Ellis Unfortunately the funding offered is for Post Production 'only'. It cannot be used for anything other than that - as specified by the investor.

Dan MaxXx

How much do you need for a short? I see plenty of filmmakers with no money shorts to successful campaigning $10-$15,000 on funding sites.

Figure out a way to financially start. Use credit cards or sell something. Jim Cummings sold his wedding ring to fund his short.

Dave Thomas

Hi Dan MaxXx thank you for that. I have already made two extremely successful short films already, and with this project the budget is considerably higher as I have two well known lead actors - one is an Oscar Winner, and the other appeared in a few episodes of Game of Thrones. This is a considerably high budget due to several reasons - I have €30,000 for Post Production only (specified by the investor). I have a multi-award winning Cinematographer and Crew. This cannot be a zero or low budget film unfortunately. We are going for a very high production standard.

I am looking for €60,000. That's if I shoot the film in Ireland. Alternatively I can just option the script but I would really prefer to make it in Ireland myself.

Karen "Kay" Ross

You may also want to address HOW you'll be filming during COVID, which may assuage any potential investors' concerns. Did you read Emily Skye's recent blog post? She shot a short in May that was COVID safe and she was offered funding for it to expand into a feature:

Dave Thomas

Thank you Karen "Kay" Ross . I already have that covered, thank you. We have great guidelines here from the Screen Producers Ireland and Screen Directors Ireland also with Screen Ireland.

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