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George Pierson

Story proposals.

So far, I have come up with three projects that I want to do. Two of them are still a work in progress and a third I just started. The first one is Biblical, the second one is an Action / Adventure story, and the third is an idea that I started coming up with on my way to work. It came about after seeing and hearing how much people hate the official trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie. So, if anybody wants to talk to me about any of them, let me know.

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

George - At least for me, you need to make your query more detailed and particular. We all have projects we want to do, and that's great, but where do you stand? For example, do you have scripts or even treatments? If so, how far along are they? 'Biblical' and 'Action-Adventure' both sound like bigger budget projects so they'll be harder to advance., that is, a lot of hard work to get them ready to be considered by those who can get such movies made. Just my thoughts.

George Pierson

The biblical one is pretty much fleshed out. There are details that I need to figure out, but that can be taken care of when someone decides that they want to write out the script. I am still working on my action / adventure one. The third on is still in the initial stages. I can take my time with this one. The first one I would like to get done. Since I do not have a background in the entertainment industry, then it stands to reason that the professionals would have to get it done. However, I still reserve the right to be involved in my projects.

Joe Becker

Leviathan: D. S. V. Would most of the film be shot on a sub? If the movie takes us to exotic places around the world, and we have to show the sub on the surface... it gets a bit more complicated. Keeping the shots in the sub makes it cheaper to shoot. If not, we could use stock footage of many places to give the illusion we went to England, Spain, Australia, Russia, NY, and Arabia. The more physical places you have to go, or the more sets you have to build, the more it's going to cost. We could find shots of a sub, but since this is supposed to be state-of-the-art, we might want to CG that. We can do some awesome CG these days. Especially if we just want to show an establishing shot, and then move inside the sub for the action. The idea is to figure all of these things out ahead of time, then output a script breakdown for cost analysis. Talent can be half of your budget, so figure out if you want name actors in your lead roles, who you would want, and how much you would be willing to offer them. A good casting director is worth their weight in gold. Casting is 90% of directing.

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