Producing : Submitting a resume to a specific company/production by Amy Volker

Amy Volker

Submitting a resume to a specific company/production

Hello hive mind!

Just wanted some advice on submitting resumes. There is a specific production that I would like to work on, preferably as a producer's assistant, and wanted some opinions on how to go about it. Should I send a cover letter and my resume to the production company or to the producers themselves? Or both? I am a huge fan of the book series "The School for Good and Evil" and saw on Twitter that Paul Feig is producing and directing the adaptations. I would love to get my foot in the door, not only on this particular production, but also with Mr. Feig and his company. I figure in this day and age that everyone is thinking outside the box and wanted to know what a great way in might be.

Thanks for your assistance.

Amy Volker

Stacey Simmons

Find out if they have a showrunner yet, and if not who the development exec is. Then reach out to them in a creative, but serious way.

Amy Volker

Thanks Stacey Simmons ! I'm trying to think outside the box.

Doug Nelson

Nobody in Hollywood hires off of a resume - that's just the way it is. Volunteer as a PA, a Crafty or whatever, but just get yourself on set. You can walk & carry a boom pole without knocking over light stands - can't you?

David Santo
  1. Volunteer. 2. Use social media (do not ask for a favor right away. Ask if you can help out on their passion projects). May the force be with you :)
Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Amy Volker As Doug said, no one really hires off a resume. But you do have to have one - and it should reveal that you have a wide range of interests and that you adapt and learn quickly. This may pique interest enough to talk to you about a PA position. In those interviews, they are not necessarily assessing your skills, they are assessing whether you have a brain in your head and if your personality is one which can work on their set. If you have reference(s) who are willing to say/write that you are capable and good to work with, that helps a LOT. I know of a few productions which simply don't hire anyone they haven't already worked with or who hasn't worked with someone they know.

Jack Binder

Yes, you should submit a cover letter and resume to the production company. You can call them and ask the receptionist who the best person is to address it to, get an email address. You can call and follow-up with the producer's office or HR. This is different than on onset or production job as you've described, as a producers assistant is often hired via the production company and the current assistants (who might know of the openings in the company.) Try and get through to someone to discuss is my advice.

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