Producing : The Art of Ice Breaking by Ray Sparkles Rupp

Ray Sparkles Rupp

The Art of Ice Breaking

I'm a writer looking to generate interest in a spec script. I am of the understanding that there are at least a dozen other people like me, if not more. Producers and Directors are busy people, and I appreciate that. Do any of you have advice or insight into how to professionally and effectively approach a producer/director with a spec pilot? After starting a dialogue what should I have in my Mary Poppins bag to demonstrate credibility?

D Marcus

You professionally and effectively approach a producer/director with a well written query letter. All you need in your Mary Poppins bag is the finished script if they ask to read it.

Felix Pire

Produce a staged reading.

Shaun O'Banion

Another alternative... Put your material on a listing site like The Black List or InkTip. A lot of indie producers and, in some cases, agencies and studios will search those sites for material.

Laurie Ashbourne

I suggest pitching it here -- check out Stage 32 Happy Writers for an exec that seems to be in your spec's wheelhouse. Contact if you're unsure of where you should be pitching it.

Ray Sparkles Rupp

Thanks for the advice. I'll check Happy Writers again. Last I looked there didn't seem to be someone who would be a good pitch for a TV MA Sitcom, but things change on the daily here.

Felix Pire

Make sure you can tell your story in one full, long sentence and that it has a hook. Producers will only listen to one sentence pitches. "Brevity is the soul of wit."

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